InterConnect 2015: Closing General Session

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Quick recap of the Closing General Session. To see a replay of the session, go to IBM InterConnectGO 2015.

INTRODUCTION by Marie Wieck, IBM GM for Middleware. The closing general session began with a video montage of the week’s events. Marie opened by asserting that the digitization of the world has led to a new insight-driven economy. How do we isolate the data that matters? We also need to secure the data of today’s digital citizens, especially with mobile. The key is collaboration: Go fast alone, or go far together. She closed by asserting that studies show high performing teams are diverse; STEM studies, especially for females, should begin at a young age and be encouraged though middle and high school ages.

Closing Session

INNOVATION by IBM Master Inventor. The common theme of innovation is faster, smaller, cheaper. Consider the simple “singing” birthday card having more computing power than available to Allies during World War II. Future of innovation will be personalized (e.g., pricing that depends on who looks at it and takes into account their loyalty points). The important things in life like love and family won’t change, but since we’ll automate repetitive tasks, there will be more fun and cool toys.

SOFTLAYER highlighted the real-world challenge of supporting virtualized game battle with multiple players worldwide. FIREMONKEY described the viral growth of a popular game—50 million users in 50 days! You can’t predict which game will reach those heights, so you have to be ready with an infrastructure that can adapt. They described the value of Softlayer’s virtual versus bare metal (dedicated) servers. VMs are still valuable for test and development, but for key production systems, nothing is faster than dedicated hardware available on demand.

SHISEIDO is a beauty industry icon for over 130 years. They have a history of leveraging technology to support their consultants. For example, the “beauty tablet” simulates the makeover experience. They also gather feedback directly from the customer, leveraging mobile technology to move the business process closer to clients. Thanks to this feedback proximity, even minor product improvements are easily accomplished. They closed with a live demo of the sales scenario with a participant.

IBM GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURS winner was announced, Insight Robotics. Their product uses thermal imaging sensors and advanced artificial intelligence vision technology to identify forest fires quickly, giving firefighters a headstart. This program offers up to $120k cloud credits to eligible startups, digital online support and access to mentors, and help with introduction to market.

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