Verdafero Speeds Solution Development with Bluemix

Verdafero is a utility analytics software provider that helps businesses to reduce their entire utility streams. As Verdafero began to expand throughout the US and overseas, this San Francisco-based startup recognized its need for powerful, cost-effective resources to support growth.

So, Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero, sought “an ideal [cloud] platform” for this expansion and meeting increasing demand for its utility analytics solutions. Verdafero also recognized its needs for scalability, security and data storage. And with IBM Bluemix, the startup has been able to speed solution development and expects to respond to new customer requirements 99 percent faster.

“We would have worked very hard to achieve scalability and geographic diversity. When we use Bluemix, we inherit those capabilities,” states Terri Gilbert, chief technology officer (CTO) at Verdafero.

By using the Bluemix platform’s security-rich, scalable environment, extensive toolset and vast capabilities and flexibility, Verdafero now expects to respond to new customer requirements in minutes compared to days. Bluemix has helped to take care of Verdafero’s overhead so the company can instead focus on its particular value add, according to Gilbert.

“Prior to Bluemix, upgrading computing capacity was a 5 – 7 day slog that involved significant risk of downtime. We expect that with the capabilities available with Bluemix, this will become a seamless, 20-minute activity with little or no chance of downtime,” says Hood.

Verdafero, Bluemix & the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

Verdafero entered the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, an opportunity geared towards privately held IBM Business Partners that are early stage tech startup companies, like Verdafero. The program introduces the scope of IBM’s resources, products and promotions available to IBM Business Partners. It also helps companies acquire cloud-based software, infrastructure and IBM technical guidance to increase greater efficiencies and scalability, and obtain new development and deployment options.

“We probably would not have attempted such a large move without the backing and support of the Global Entrepreneur Program and the IBM Innovation Center. Working with Bluemix and IBM is an ideal opportunity because IBM is taking care of the security and the scaling side of [our] infrastructure, especially as we start to expand both throughout the US and overseas,” says Hood.

With the help of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, Verdafero transitioned its service as a solution from a previous environment using open source PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) programing and MySQL virtual machine capabilities and with the new solution, Verdafero anticipates responding to new customer requirements up to 99 percent faster.

The resources of the IBM Innovation Center and Bluemix help Verdafero’s team concentrate its efforts on revenue-building activities rather than design tools and infrastructure.

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Bluemix’s Flexible Pricing Structure

The pay-as-you-use infrastructure and tool structure support Verdafero’s need for a cost effective solution.

Find Out More About Pricing On Bluemix

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