Onboarding Guide for Bluemix for Third Parties

While IBM is rapidly bringing new services and capabilities into Bluemix, one of the reasons our customers are so interested in Bluemix is because they can use our platform and services in conjunction with many other open source and third party APIs and services. The ability to easily access and integrate this combination of technology is one of the biggest values for any developer looking to build applications on Bluemix.

As our enterprise clients move toward cloud and use Bluemix as a means to do so, the platform also offers 3rd parties a great opportunity to reach enterprise development tools with the tools and services you are working on. As you can tell from the last below, some great partners have already joined.

This list is constantly changing, for an up to date list please visit the Bluemix Catalog. If you would like your company or project to be available as a service in Bluemix check out the IBM Business Partner Guide. We would love to help you get your service into Bluemix!

Bluemix Catalog

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