Code, Collaboration, & Career Advice at the UConn Bluemix Girls Night

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Last Wednesday, I got in my car in my home state of Delaware, drove past New York City while blasting Taylor Swift’s Welcome to New York (it was a pretty epic moment that I would have Instagrammed if I wasn’t afraid of copyright infringement issues), and parked at the UConn School of Business for the Bluemix Girls Night.  I knew I was in the right place, because we were on the Business School’s news ticker–how cool is that?

We began the event with hors d’oeuvres.  After a little mixing and mingling, we discovered we represented a diverse set of backgrounds.  Some were technical; some were business.  We had attendees who were students, faculty, university staff, and professionals.  Our group consisted mostly of women, but we had a few brave men join us as well.

We kicked off the night with a keynote from Distinguished Engineer Erin Murphy.  She shared with us statistics about women in computing (women earn 57% of bachelor degrees but only 12% of computer science degrees), reasons why you should pursue engineering (my personal favorite is travel!), and tips for career success (be visible, communicate with impact, and be confident & assertive). 

Watch the video (
Next I got to do a tech talk about Bluemix.  I shared how the app revolution and the cloud are changing not only users’ expectations but developers’ expectations as well. 

Watch the video (

Then I did a live demo (because I live life on the edge) of Bluemix and DevOps Services.  We didn’t record the session, but I have a similar demo you can watch:

We wrapped up the night with an optional workshop where attendees were able to fork an app, deploy their app to Bluemix, edit their app using the web IDE in DevOps Services, redeploy their app, and implement a new text messaging feature.  You can try the workshop for yourself:

What I found so refreshing about the event was how supportive and encouraging the attendees were of each other.  While Erin and I were presenting, attendees asked questions (not the kind of questions where attendees try to show off how smart they are–these were real, genuine questions) and jumped in with their own discussion points.  During the workshop portion of the event, several of the attendees started informally pair programming together.  They were laughing and helping each other–not only with the apps they were working on but with career advice as well.

Are you interested in attending a Bluemix event in a city near you?  Check out this list of upcoming world-wide events:

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Kenya MCIntear

It was an awesome event. Thanks for sharing through this wonderful blog!


    Lauren Schaefer

    You put on a very fun event!


Erin Murphy

Thanks for sharing, Lauren! It was great to meet you and you did a good job getting the women coding on Bluemix.


    Lauren Schaefer

    So great to meet you!

    As you emphasized in your presentation, it’s all about that travel!

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