Updated: Node.js & Liberty Buildpack

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We are regularly updating the Node.js and Liberty buildpacks to bring you the latest fixes and enhancements to the Bluemix runtimes and to improve integration with Bluemix services. Here is what has changed in the latest versions:

Node.js Buildpack v1.6-20141013-1736

  • The Node.js buildpack now comes with IBM SDK for Node.js v1.1.0.8. This means you will get a fully supported IBM Node.js runtime when specifying the latest stable Node.js runtime for your application, v0.10.32. This latest SDK comes with a fix for an issue with the embedded qs module that resulted in a denial-of-service. It also contains an updated version of the npm module and other improvements in the http and url modules. For additional details please see the v0.10.32 Change Log.
  • The buildpack also contains a fix for a bug that was adding a rogue index.html file in the customer’s application during deployment.

Liberty Buildpack v1.6-20141013-1628

  • The buildpack now comes with a new data collector for the Monitoring and Analytics add-on. The new data collector collects diagnostic deep dive information, which enables users of the Diagnostics plan of the service to diagnose problems with their applications down to the specific line of code.
  • The buildpack contains updated versions of the management and auto-scaling agents that include bug fixes and minor improvements. It also includes an updated version of Liberty profile and Java MongoDB Driver, v2.12.3.
  • In the cloudAutowiring feature, a bug that caused resource injection errors in some applications has been fixed.

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