Announcing: IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix September beta

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The latest and greatest IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix September beta is now available for download.

What’s new in the IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix September beta?

We have adopted the new v1.7.1 of the Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse.

Here are the new functions introduced in this beta:

  • Remove unused routes
    • When an application is published to Bluemix, a route is automatically created for you. A new Remove button has been added under the Routes section on the Applications and Services page on the server editor to allow you to find and delete unused routes.
  • Run on Server for JavaScript files
    • After a JavaScript application has been deployed to Bluemix, you can now choose a different entry point JavaScript file by right clicking on the file > Run As > Run on Server. The application will be removed from the server and re-installed with the selected file as the entry point JavaScript file. In addition, the browser will automatically launch to run the entry point JavaScript file after the application has started.

In addition to adding new function, we have also included a number of bug fixes in this beta.

In case you are new to the IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix or you want to find out more on what it does, you can find more information in here:

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