BlueMix UI Updated with New Features!

Earlier today the BlueMix UI was updated with a number of improvements. The general theme of this set of updates is to help you find the information you need, when you need it: 

  • Search enablement in the Catalog to make it easier to find the runtimes and services you want to create.
  • Search enablement in the Dashboard to quickly filter the list of your existing applications and service instances.
  • Ability to mark your favorite applications or services with a star so they bubble to the top of the Dashboard (see image below).
App Marked As Favorite in Dashboard

App Marked As Favorite in Dashboard

  • “Quick Docs” functionality to gain fast access to the VCAP_SERVICES information for services you’ve bound to an application. The information in VCAP_SERVICES contains information your app’s code will need to communicate with the service such as IP address, user name/password, etc. (see image below). 
Quick Docs for Service Instance

Quick Docs for Service Instance

  • Improvement of service creation so you can assign a meaningful name to the new service instance. This makes it easier to identify each service in the Dashboard.

Custom Name When Creating SQLDB

Custom Name When Creating SQLDB

In addition to the bigger changes described above, a large number of smaller usability enhancements and bug fixes have also been included. We’re always striving to improve the user experience, and there are additional usability features already under development. So, stay tuned to this space to learn about them as they are made available. 

Finally, as always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the UI or BlueMix in general please let us know.

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