personally identifying information

Securing your cross-domain file transfers with blockchain

As I discussed in a previous article, a Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) blockchain network hosted on a high assurance platform is well suited for secure information exchanges across network security domains — for example, exchanging unclassified information between a classified and unclassified network. However, when the information exchanged includes image, video, audio or other large file […]

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Digital identity interactions

Digital identity solutions can be described using a set of identity verification interactions types that pertain to both in-person and online experiences. Our daily lives are filled with a variety of identity interaction experiences. These daily life experiences may include a visit to the bank clerk, entering the airport or a login to your utility company’s […]

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A new era in personal identity: Safer, smarter, more secure

Most U.S. citizens have some type of Government Issued Identity Instrument (G3I) for identity verification. The most common form is a driver’s license. But we also have a plethora of other identity instruments that we carry around every day; healthcare and prescription cards, employee badges, library cards, gym memberships, gun ownership, fishing and hunting licenses, store […]

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