Bluemix Garage

Bluemix Garage for blockchain brings together business leaders, technical architects, developers and blockchain consulting experts to help move initial concepts into production through the exploration of proof of concepts and new business models.

Trick or treat? Use blockchain to purge your business of horrors

It’s Halloween and you’re encountering more tricks than treats for your business this year. One of your suppliers just tried to sell you counterfeit materials, and now you can’t meet demand for your product. Either an employee is terrible at their job or someone is committing fraud because there are numerous errors in your transaction […]

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Business value of blockchain: Webcast preview

Last December, Grand View Research, Inc. published a report that predicts the global blockchain technology market will reach $7.74 billion by 2024. This rapid growth is attributed to increasing demand for the technology across financial services, consumer products, travel and transportation, telecommunications, healthcare and the public sector. How can you know if blockchain is right […]

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Take the fast lane to production with Blockchain Founder Accelerator

The hype around blockchain is well-deserved. You’ve seen how the technology is gaining traction in areas such as international trade, identity management, supply chain finance, transaction settlement and food safety. You understand the value that a blockchain solution will bring to your business network and you’re leading the charge in your organization. You also know […]

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IBM InterConnect: Reimagine your industry with blockchain

IBM clients are speaking out about their blockchain projects and implementations. Over the past several days of IBM InterConnect, I’ve gotten to see how they are reimagining business networks and processes in their industries with this new technology. Blockchain transforms financial institutions Distributed and decentralized ledgers are the records of the future. Their shared nature […]

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