Kurt Wedgwood

So, what are you doing with blockchain?

As hundreds of people, representing over 75 companies, gathered for the IBM Blockchain Summit 2017 in Atlanta, the main question echoing in the halls was, “What are you doing with blockchain?” While I smiled each time I heard this, I was more ebullient that over half the responses involved the actions being taken and the […]

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Thought leaders reimagine their industries at blockchain summit

What will happen when you bring together a bunch of early blockchain adopters, influencers and visionaries looking to disrupt their industries? A whole lot of innovation — at least that’s what I hope! Today, at the IBM Blockchain Summit in Atlanta, senior executives will be taking advantage of an exclusive opportunity to connect with blockchain […]

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Blockchain Technology Summit: Across the industries

This is the year of blockchain: the year that business networks based on blockchain are put into production around the world. Early adopters have been using this technology to reimagine their industries, developing new ways of interaction that reduce friction and foster innovation. I’m super excited for the IBM Blockchain Technology Summit in Atlanta on […]

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