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Think 2021: The countdown begins

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laptop workThink 2021 is the premier online event of the IBM year. Blockchain Think 2021 sessions share a common theme: using blockchain is a proven approach for solving ecosystem-level challenges. Therefore, what is generally labeled “enterprise blockchain” will continue to lead in multi-party solutions as blockchain innovations continue to emerge in 2021.

These are the six blockchain sessions at Think this year for you to view with your clients and partners.

Is It Time to Stop Talking About Blockchain?
Martha Bennett at Forrester and Odile Panciatci at Groupe Renault look at ecosystem opportunities to increase agility, take out cost and monetize solutions. Learn how blockchain has become the rising tide that will lift all boats. Automotive manufacturers must ensure that all parts they use comply with safety regulations, an ideal data-sharing problem for blockchain, as demonstrated by Groupe Renault in its XCEED project.

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Advancing Global Trade: Connect Better with Trust
Oswald Kuyler at International Chamber of Commerce joins Parm Sangha at IBM to review how banks are co-creating neutral blockchain-based platforms to lower cost, increase trust and secure future growth. Learn how using blockchain and collaboration will help to close the trade finance gap for micro, small and midsized enterprises (MSMEs) within developing nations.

Carbon Transparency Pathfinder for Decarbonization
Blockchain transparency will play a key role in decarbonizing industry through the efforts of a new World Business Council for Sustainable Development initiative, the Carbon Transparency Pathfinder. Learn about this new initiative for wide scale, consistent and safe exchange of product-level primary carbon emissions data from Anna Stanley at World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Chris Wong and Jason Kelley at IBM.

Inching Closer to the Autonomous Supply Chain
COVID-19 sent shockwaves through several supply chains and accelerated change. Post-pandemic, supply chains will be retooling for the new (ab)normal. Cross-company workflow automation requires real-time insights as well as multi-actor trust and consensus — prerequisites that are finally becoming attainable. Hear from pioneers in this space, including Chris Day at Sonoco ThermoSafe, Robin Grumman-Vogt at eProvenance and Tim Eisenmann at Torqata.

Digital Credentials, Blockchain and the Transition to a Skills-based Economy
Almost 90 percent of US and Canadian institutions of higher learning are using digital credentials to increase efficiency and reduce fraud, with blockchain seen as playing a role in increasing trust. Ricardo Torres at National Student Clearinghouse, Darin Hobbs at Western Governors University and David Langdon at U.S. Dept. of Commerce join IBM’s Alex Kaplan in relating their collaborative journey to build the blockchain-based Learning Credential Network.

Is your CFO afraid of bitcoin? Crypto and corporate treasury management.
Institutional investment is flowing into crypto markets led by the likes of MicroStrategy and Tesla. Next up is corporate treasury management where tokenization facilitates funds transfers and cryptocurrencies round out portfolios. Alessio Quaglini at Hex Trust and Alisa DiCaprio R3 joins IBM’s Peter De Meo to share the implications on treasury operations using confidential computing and permissioned blockchain for asset governance and to achieve inflation hedging and reduced expense.

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