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Blockchain newsletter for May: Digital assets ecosystem on the move

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blockchain pulseAs the digital asset ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, new players, new investment opportunities, new moves from the traditional financial sector and growing interest from regulators signal a more stable long-term future for digital assets — as well as more industry disruption. And making it all possible? Blockchain technology.

Webinar: Digital assets, a new paradigm for financial services

Digital asset adoption is accelerating, and the shift underway will profoundly impact many industries. Join Martha Bennett, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester, and Ryan Rugg, Partner, IBM Blockchain Services, to find out what digital assets mean for your business. June 16.

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Blockchain in the news

Is your treasury ready for digital assets? Despite its volatility, companies like MicroStrategy and Square are investing heavily in bitcoin. Business strategies for holding digital assets include hedging against dollar deflation and simplifying global payments.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are another way to capture digital asset opportunities. NFT platforms and marketplaces will extend buying and selling and tokenization beyond digital collectables, as signaled by the eBay announcement it would host the sale of NFTs.

Not to be left behind, traditional financial institutions getting on board include Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan with options for individual investors and U.S. Bank with its new custody service for digital assets. Anxious to protect consumers and prevent misuse like money laundering and purchase of illegal goods, the U.S. Congress, the SEC Chairman Gary Gensler and U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen are calling for digital asset regulations — although which agency will prevail remains uncertain.

May’s features of “watch, read and listen”

Exclusive content: Making sense of digital assets

Download this for-subscribers-only PDF from Ryan Rugg, Partner, IBM Blockchain Services, discussing the digital asset ecosystem and business applications. Download now

Client story: IPwe
Learn how patent market platform IPwe and IBM are partnering to transform corporate patents with next-generation NFTs using IBM Blockchain.

Event: Hyperledger Global Forum
Catch up on the latest applications of Hyperledger across industries and markets and catch keynote speaker Kareem Yusef, General Manager, AI Applications, IBM. June 8 – 10.

Client Story: Hex Trust
Read how IBM bank-grade security and resilience contribute to Hex Safe, a digital asset custody platform for financial enterprises.

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