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BlockpARTy — The art of repeatable transformation

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alex garcia artworkCreating a blockchain proof of concept is one thing, but creating an in-production blockchain network at scale takes vision. Our innovative clients are achieving success by combining the art of repeatable transformation with their vision for new industry ecosystems.

To celebrate their industry changing visions, we commissioned five contemporary artists to interpret key blockchain objectives our clients have achieved with us: consumer confidence and trust, transparent supply, food safety and provenance, sustainability and efficiency.

BlockpARTy is the result. It’s a five-part series of virtual events that spotlight the art, the artists and the innovators. The second episode, which debuts on 2 September, features artist Alex Garcia and his visual interpretation of the repeatable transformation enabled by blockchain transparent supply. Included in the episode is an interview with visionary Dave Behrands, Founder and President of Farmer Connect.

Improve supply chain visibility with IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply

Meet the artist

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alex Garcia came to art by way of his career in architecture and, later, time spent as a furniture designer. Today he is a contemporary architectural artist who specializes in the use of form, structure and space to convey acts of transformation. Through an intersection of complex textures, bold colors, function and beauty, his work breathes new life and new meaning into discarded and reclaimed materials.

The inspiration: Blockchain transparent supply

IBM Blockchain is achieving repeatable transformation across industries at scale. Entire supply chains are now working together more efficiently, with greater transparency and newfound trust across multiple organizations.

Yet creating a new blockchain solution or network from scratch can present challenges. Rapid success can be much more attainable by leveraging the existing achievements of other solutions. With blockchain transparent supply, enterprises are leveraging the technology and best practices developed for the global Food Trust, with hundreds of members and millions of in-production blockchain transactions to date, to create their own bespoke supply chain solutions — within both the agri-food ecosystem and other industries.

The interpretation

In his work for BlockpARTy, titled Out of the Block, Alex shows us how transparent supply connects previously siloed supply chain data through a single, shared, permissioned view of the truth. His use of a single field of color, linear structures and negative space interprets the repeatable transformation that transparent supply enables.

“I think a lot of industries are fractured, they are fragmented, and this is an opportunity to reach them and connect them. What a great opportunity, to have a world that is more connected.” – Alex Garcia, artist

Alex’s work, filmed on exhibit at 111 Mina Gallery in San Francisco, shows us how what was once separate can now be unified and interconnected through speed, efficiency, collaboration and a common sense of value and purpose.

The visionary

Dave Behrends is the visionary behind Farmer Connect, a blockchain network built on transparent supply. It connects farmers to consumers and back in a way that builds shared value across the coffee industry. By scanning a QR code with their phone, consumers can see the journey coffee made from farm to their cup and have an opportunity to financially contribute to organizations that support farmers and their communities. Dave is both the Founder and President of Farmer Connect and a Managing Partner and Head of Trading at Sucafina, a multinational coffee merchant based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The conversation is moderated by Paul Chang, Blockchain Leader for Distribution and Industrial Markets, and me, Nigel Gopie, Director of AI Applications and Blockchain marketing, your series host. Join us for this rare opportunity to hear industry leaders share how they helped influenced their organizations and trading partners to enter radically new relationships cemented by blockchain.

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Director, AI Applications and Blockchain Marketing

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