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Episode 20: Key aspects to implementing a new technology strategy

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From blockchain pilot to production

blockchain pulseThis episode of IBM Blockchain Pulse marks another first for our host Matt Hooper. He is welcoming back his first return guest, Maribel Lopez, the founder and Principal Analyst of Lopez Research! Last time Maribel was on the show, she and Matt dove into blockchain and transformation and discussed whether or not blockchain hype had peaked.

Today, they’re shifting gears and taking a look at how companies can get started with blockchain. They discuss how companies can move from pilot phase to production, work within or even help set governance standards, and general obstacles many organizations need to overcome as they implement a new technology strategy.

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Maribel also shares some of her favorite examples of companies that have successfully moved from the pilot phase to production and what she believes to be the most challenging bits to the “BLT” (Business, Legal, Technical) aspects of blockchain!

There’s a lot of key takeaways and valuable insight in this episode with Maribel Lopez, so be sure to stay tuned!

Key takeaways

[:00] An excerpt from today’s episode.
[:25] About today’s episode with Maribel Lopez!
[1:41] Matt welcomes both listeners and Maribel back on to the podcast!
[3:00] Before an organization can even get started with adopting a strategy around an emergent technology, what questions should they be asking themselves?
[6:48] After a strategy is in place, how does an organization go about setting governance standards?
[9:04] Maribel highlights some of the common stumbling blocks that teams generally face when trying to implement a new technology strategy.
[11:55] Matt takes a break from the interview to share an important resource blockchain and COVID-19
[13:13] Maribel continues speaking some common organizational struggles regarding implementing new technology.
[14:00] Maribel shares some of her favorite examples of companies that have successfully moved from the pilot phase to production.
[17:17] Maribel shares what she believes to be the most challenging bits to the “BLT” (Business, Legal, Technical) aspects of blockchain.
[20:58] Matt thanks Maribel for joining the IBM Blockchain Pulse podcast once again!

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Follow-up with our guest

Maribel Lopez’s LinkedIn

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“We have to have a workflow that multiple companies in a blockchain would agree to — and that is a really interesting thing when you’re talking about processes.” — Maribel Lopez

“I often find that you have to step back and not get too excited in the hype of the technology…because that’s not the answer. Your business is not about adopting a technology; your business is about doing something.” — Maribel Lopez

“People dramatically underestimate the data readiness portion of anything that we’re doing in technology.” — Maribel Lopez

“I would say that whole discussion around…getting the data right is a common stumbling block.” — Maribel Lopez

“We’re starting to see that there’s actual examples of large companies working with…smaller suppliers, or even competitors of theirs, to pull together a blockchain to create efficiencies [and] to get over some really complex problems.” — Maribel Lopez

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