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Episode 16: Using technology to empower startups and have a global impact

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Making a difference with social entrepreneurship

blockchain pulseHave you ever met someone who truly loved their job so much that you found yourself grinning ear-to-ear as you listened to them explain how they spend their days? Well, Matt Hooper sure has! His guest today, Bill Stark, is the President of IBM Business Partner Cognition Foundry. The passion with which Bill describes his job in today’s episode will leave you inspired and thinking about the many opportunities emerging technologies are bringing about for startups and society.

At Cognition Foundry, Bill and team clients deliver innovation that matters to the world. They understand that early days can be frustrating for founders and that it’s easy to get stuck and not be able to get your idea off the ground. That’s why they help startups grow grow their idea, scale it up, and make it become sustainable and everlasting. It’s powerful and exciting work.

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In this episode, Bill talks about the work that goes on at Cognition Foundry every day, how technology (and more specifically, blockchain technology) can help startups establish credibility and make a global impact, establish the circular economy and much more!

“If we intentionally design systems with people in mind, and we look at the problems as opportunities, the technology can truly make the world a better place.” — Bill Stark

Key takeaways

[:16] About today’s episode with special guest, Bill Stark!
[1:44] Matt welcomes Bill to the podcast.
[2:08] What does Bill get to do all day long as the President of Cognition Foundry? And how did he originally get started with it?
[4:24] Defining the impact startup and the challenges impact startups face inside the circular economy
[8:23] How an IT services provider can use technology to help people meet big global and social challenges
[11:33] Where to learn more about how IBM Blockchain is reshaping the status quo!
[12:22] Bill’s examples of enterprise technology applied to impact startups
[15:47] Does blockchain help a startup establish credibility and instill trust through transparency? And if so, how?
[21:01] Bill shares more about what they do with blockchain to help startups meet their challenges.
[24:57] Bill defines what a ‘circular economy’ is and explains what is so exciting about it.
[27:52] Bill shares the inspiring future of blockchain he sees.
[30:25] Matt thanks Bill for joining the podcast!
[30:59] Where to learn more about Cognition Foundry and get in contact with Bill.

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Follow-up with our guest

Bill Stark’s LinkedIn

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“I have the good fortune of living in my core purpose which is to encourage, empower, and equip people to realize their dreams of making the world better.” — Bill Stark

“I honestly love Mondays! I love going to work because what I get to do every day is meet incredible people who have big dreams and figure out how to make those dreams come true.” — Bill Stark

“If somebody wants to change the world for good and do it in a way that’s not just self-sustainable, but regenerative… that is incredibly inspiring to me and it’s part of the reason why I’m here today.” — Bill Stark

“What we do [at Cognition Foundry] is bring technology to cool ideas.” — Bill Stark

“I’m just super excited about technology facilitating a transition from a linear, wasteful economy to a circular, regenerative one.” — Bill Stark

“I see the future of blockchain as a way to engage the bottom billion in a circular economy — which is going to be a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity.” — Bill Stark

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