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Episode 10: Bringing together the best talent in cybersecurity

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How the NYC EDC is creating thousands of jobs in cybersecurity, and in blockchain

Today on the podcast, your host, Matt Hooper, is joined by one of his favorite people in the New York City start-up ecosystem, Mr. Wilson Lin! Wilson Lin is the Vice President at NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYC EDC) and is the Head of the initiative, Cyber NYC. In his role at EDC, Wilson is leading NYC initiatives to strengthen the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by partnering with leading VCs, entrepreneurs, major corporations and academic institutions.

They’ve invested USD 100 million into the initiative Wilson is spearheading — Cyber NYC — to strengthen the cybersecurity ecosystem and create thousands of jobs. Wilson and his team are truly making major strides in the area of cybersecurity and are working hard to bring together the best minds in NYC around cybersecurity!

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Matt and Wilson speak about EDC’s initiative, the exciting blockchain security applications Wilson is seeing being developed in NYC, how EDC is helping shape the next generation of cybersecurity employees, and what a successful ecosystem really looks like. Wilson also talks about how many new companies he’s seeing that are being created in cybersecurity, where the people’s appetite for working in the cybersecurity industry is coming from, and his predictions for the growth of the cybersecurity industry three years from now.

Key takeaways

[1:21] About today’s episode!
[1:36] Wilson gives his full job title and describes what he gets to do all day.
[1:46] Wilson speaks about the exciting career change he’s been through within the NYC Economic Development Corporation, what his current role is, and how it relates to the development of Cyber NYC and Hub Dot NYC.
[3:18] When did the initiative, Cyber NYC, that Wilson is spearheading, come to be? And what is it about cybersecurity and NYC that felt ready for the development of the next generation of cybersecurity employees?
[6:34] What is the Hub? How did it take shape? And what is the vision?
[11:31] Playing devil’s advocate, Matt asks Wilson how many jobs can this industry (of cybersecurity) actually realistically grow?
[13:05] Wilson highlights some of the exciting blockchain security applications that he’s seeing being developed in NYC.
[14:34] Wilson lists some of the challenges inherent in public-private partnerships and in any big company-small company partnerships (or, David-and-Goliath partnerships as Matt Hooper likes to call them).
[17:01] About the IBM Garage!
[17:58] What does a successful ecosystem look like?
[20:25] With cybersecurity always being in the news, has Wilson found this to be a helpful aid in recruitment? If not, where does he think the appetite for working in the industry comes from?
[22:33] How can we start to anticipate collaborations between different EDC initiatives throughout the city?
[24:12] Wilson explains what the role of the NYC EDC is in seeding the next generation of work.
[28:32] Wilson speaks about another metric EDC is keeping an eye on: how many new companies are being created in cybersecurity.
[29:09] Wilson speaks about what the start-up growth rate is looking like right now compared to three years ago and then gives his predictions on what he thinks it’s going to look like three years from now.
[30:35] What does real success look like to Wilson (with regards to EDC’s initiatives)?
[32:00] What are the ways in which Wilson sees success between the city and a company like IBM; a major player in the New York ecosystem? How can companies of a similar scale to IBM continue to get involved?
[33:39] Matt thanks Wilson for joining the podcast!
[33:48] Matt closes out the podcast!

Sources mentioned

NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYC EDC)
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Follow-up with our guest

Wilson Lin’s LinkedIn

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“I think as EDC examined what … the big challenges [are] — not only in [NYC] — but in the world and [the] complex problems that we feel like the government … can make a really big impact on … [we noticed that] cybersecurity began to come up continually.” — Wilson Lin

“[Cyber NYC] is a mix of growing talent, growing innovation, and make sure that New York City is at the capitol of cybersecurity.” — Wilson Lin

“It’s not that we want to take companies from other cities or other countries; we want to help the best of the best globally grow and expand in New York City so that everyone benefits.” — Wilson Lin

“[Cybersecurity] touches our everyday lives. …We live in the physical world and we live in the digital world. …And so, for us to have a safer life period, it’s important that we protect all of our digital lives.” — Wilson Lin

“Whether you are a Ph.D. coming out of some elite institution in [NYC] or you are someone growing up in the projects in Queensbridge, there should be a job that is accessible for you, that allows you mobility, that allows you to grow, [and] allows you to provide.” — Wilson Lin

“The way that the EDC thinks about jobs is 1) is it a good job? And [2)] is this an accessible job? And how can we do everything that we possibly can to make sure that New Yorkers have access to those jobs?” — Wilson Lin

“We have tremendous talent here in [NYC] so I don’t see that pace slowing. I think the quality of the [cybersecurity] companies will only increase. And I think we’ll see some really great investments down the road.” — Wilson Lin

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