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office collaborationLooking to quickly collaborate with experts and advance your idea to transform your business? Open the door, ascend the urban staircase complemented by a colorful mural, stroll past the hallway hollowed out with window seat nooks, glance at the wall of bike racks, turn the corner, and arrive.

Step into the IBM Garage in New York City or the fourteen other locations across the world, and inside you’ll find a team of solution architects, designers, developers, and leaders working with innovative businesses to build a minimum viable product (MVP) from their ideas. The IBM Garage uses a range of technologies, including blockchain, to drive change and transform the way of working.

Begin your blockchain project at IBM Garage using enterprise design thinking

A way to revolutionize thinking

These locations reflect the spirit of a startup and are often embedded inside one, creating an immersion that sparks novel ideas and accelerates learning. Splattering color onto the walls of an IBM Garage session, a simple object, the sticky note, starts the conversation. When combined with the proven IBM Garage Methodology and utilized in Enterprise Design Thinking exercises, it evokes innovative thinking and collaboration.

Underpinned by Agile practices, the environment created during the session encourages efficiency and flexibility. By sprinting towards iteration, you quickly learn to reach success. One activity, the empathy map, orients teams to the user through deliberate methods, ensuring productive strides toward solution. This method helps you observe and analyze how your user acts in order to align your solution with them.

Use Hill statements to discern your goals clearly in terms of the user experience and market value.

This experience not only results in fast, real business outcomes, but creates a positive culture and transcends a traditional working session through the proven methodology.

A harmony of innovators

The business experts, architects, designers, and developers synchronize with the clients’ team along their journey. This experience is not individualized but rather collaborative. Each person strives for success towards a common goal and ensures the client will achieve results and satisfaction.

Every IBM Garage engagement will be different as every team and solution varies, however the root drive and alliance remain. People are the first priority, and everyone works shoulder-to-shoulder to end the journey encouraged, invigorated and celebratory.

A charge to a solution

While each IBM Garage experience is unique, the main building blocks for solving the problem remain consistent. Here are some of the steps leading to deployment and scale:

  • Discovery Workshop (1/2 day): A collaborative session where, through definition of your business goals and an analysis of the market, the team works together to discern the best suited use case.
  • Design Thinking Workshop (2-3 days): An interactive two-day engagement that utilizes Enterprise Design Thinking to provide a framework of the user and discern the MVP necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  • MVP Build-up (4-12 weeks): Create, learn, and iterate through the IBM Garage Method with the team to efficiently build and execute a quality blockchain MVP. Utilizes techniques like pair programming and test-driven development.

The IBM Garage has the capability to use a variety of technologies, including cloud, AI, and blockchain providing the necessary collaborative framework to create blockchain networks. The 500+ blockchain client engagements to date helps to guide future blockchain ideas to reality. See how the global technology company, Syniverse, came with their idea, went through the process, and built a blockchain for business solution.

An exploration

To explore more, engage in a virtual tour, where you’ll experience the atmosphere of IBM Garage in 360 degrees. Each space looks different and shows the inherent diversity of thought while reflecting the same core purpose of innovation.

What will we solve together? Find out how to build your solution by scheduling a visit to the IBM Garage and meeting with our team of experts.

Learn how industries are revolutionizing business with IBM Blockchain

IBM Blockchain Intern - Villanova University

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