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Our blockchain journey with IBM and Hyperledger Fabric

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One famous proverb states that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” In this proverb we learn that something which takes time begins with an initial action. For most, the blockchain journey starts with the adrenaline fueled feelings associated with trading cryptocurrency. For IT People Corporation, it began with an opportunity to contribute to The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric open source project starting in late 2015.

The team was assembled to help build and support the infrastructure necessary to develop the early releases of Fabric. In partnership with IBM, the framework for continuous integration and  testing, along with other development, performance test and support activities, were built. With contributions by dozens of engineers and companies, the early releases started to come together allowing early, pre-release solutions to be initiated, first with release 0.3, then release 0.5 in March 2016 and then with the first official release of 0.6 in September 2016.

Learn how Hyperledger is changing the business world

As the Hyperledger open source project grew in significance with more companies, individuals and projects, so did the technical acumen of the blockchain community. This included the growth in blockchain concepts, blockchain platform fundamentals, agile development practices, automated testing frameworks, performance testing frameworks, DevOps capabilities, cloud engineering and network security skills contributing to Fabric.

With the tremendous amount of collaboration going on in the community, the platform and its capabilities grew. The open source nature of the project allowed developers from all over the globe to contribute. The pluggable architecture of the project provided a foundation for scientists to research different technologies to optimize the platform for a variety of solutions.

We are still in the initial stages of the blockchain phenomenon and the momentum of the Hyperledger open source project continues today. It holds the distinction of being the fastest growing project launched by the Linux Foundation. There are now five different blockchain framework projects — Fabric, Burrow, Iroha, Sawtooth and Indy — and with the recent addition of 13 new members, bringing the total to over 230 participating companies.

While we haven’t completed the journey yet, we have taken the first step with many more to come. The latest exciting step in our journey is the launch of Chainyard™, a wholly owned subsidiary of IT People Corporation. This step reinforces leadership’s commitment and focus on blockchain for business and our belief in the transformational nature of the technology. We are confident many others will be joining us on this journey in the future.

From time to time, we invite industry thought leaders and academic experts to share their opinions and insights on current trends in blockchain to the Blockchain Unleashed blog. The opinions in these blog posts are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of IBM.

Deploy the IBM Blockchain Platform across multiple environments

Sr. Vice President, Consulting Services, Chainyard - IT People Corporation

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