Challenge Accepted: Your Chance to Make the World Better with Blockchain

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IBM Blockchain has partnered with Global Citizen to present Challenge Accepted, a blockchain for good developer challenge.

Code and learn how to implement a blockchain solution that has a direct positive social impact, all while building on an actual blockchain platform! The top 5 entries will win a pair of VIP tickets each to a Global Citizen Festival of your choice! The contest runs May 15 – July 14, 2018.



Imagine if every citizen had the confidence that philanthropic commitments were being honored. What if resources were in fact going to the people with the greatest needs and that every dollar donated and spent was making a real impact. Wouldn’t a more transparent system incentivize people to give more?


Enter Global Citizen: Holding government institutions accountable

Global Citizen is the voice of people when it comes to philanthropic accountability. If we are going to solve societal issues such as extreme poverty or infectious disease, we need to make sure that every cause is getting the money they were promised, especially from the world’s most impactful donor group: federal governments.


Enter blockchain

Blockchain can provide the transparency and accountability that Global Citizens demand. This challenge gives developers a real-world application to hack on that addresses a major issue in the NGO world and is directly related to the United Nation’s #Envision2030 initiative. Several of the examples of active blockchain networks built on our platform span across many of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Challenge Accepted addresses the UN’s Goal 16 promoting peace, justice and strong institutions.


The challenge

IBM Blockchain and Global Citizen are empowering developers to construct a first of its kind donation tracking application, all done on a blockchain platform! You will be given all the tools you need to get started on your mission.

Your mission — if you choose to accept it…

Build a simple three-member network on IBM Blockchain Platform (Government,, Global Citizen) where cause-specific pledges and fund transfers are made by the government, registered with aid organizations and validated by Global Citizen. We walk you through every step of the blockchain development process.




Top 5 submissions get a pair of of VIP tickets each and will join IBM at a Global Citizen Festival.

The #1 submission:

  • Will have their minimum viable product (MVP) featured on our website
  • Will get a workshop session with IBM, Global Citizen and industry leaders to discuss how this application can become a reality
  • Will have their code available to thousands of people working to change the world with blockchain

Also, just by completing Challenge Accepted, you will be in the upper percentile of blockchain developers globally. Not a bad calling card!


How to register

Can’t wait to get started? We’re just as excited as you are.

However, before you start your journey, let’s make sure you have the tools you’ll need to succeed.

The IBM Blockchain Platform is the best way to quickly deploy sample applications and begin to grow your network and the IBM Blockchain Starter Plan allows you to do this!


(1) Create an IBM Cloud account and get the IBM Blockchain Starter Plan

Step-by-step instructions to get access to the Starter Plan:

1. Go to Pricing Plans and Select “Starter Membership Plan
2. Click “Sign up to Create” an IBM Cloud account
3. Fill out your information and hit Create Account
4. Confirm your email address once you receive a notification
5. Make sure you have selected the Starter Plan and click on Upgrade at the bottom right corner
6. Insert payment details to upgrade from Lite to Pay-as-you-go. You won’t be charged anything at this time – this step is simply needed to get access
7. Click Create to launch your blockchain network
8. Network created! Come back to this page and follow the directions below

(2) Go to the IBM Coder’s Challenge page

Follow the steps, earn your points, have some fun, and hopefully we will see you at a Global Citizen Festival soon!

The challenge kicks off May 15 at Consensus 2018 and ends July 14 with winners announced on July 31 on our website and social channels.


Need help? We’ve got you covered

Here’s some links and tools that you can use to succeed on this challenge:

  • Code Sample for the challenge — This is your step-by-step cheat code.
  • Have questions? Join our weekly “Blockchain Innovators” series webinar.
  • Have a question? Tweet at us @IBMBlockchain – we’ll try to answer all your questions.



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