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You’ve determined that blockchain can provide your business with some including greater transparency throughout the supply chain and the ability to make faster, more efficient transactions. But now what? How do you move from the idea stage to getting a blockchain network up and running? In the new digital event series, Now Being Served, thought leaders discuss what every technical leader should know about blockchain. Watch the replay of the first installment for an overview of using open, permissioned blockchain for business. Then, join the second live webinar on to learn about tools for building and activating a blockchain.

Watch the free replay of What Every Technical Leader Needs to Know About Blockchain: Part Two

In the second installment, Jerry Cuomo, VP of Blockchain Technology at IBM, will be joined by Kathryn Harrison, Lead Offering Manager of IBM Blockchain, and Eileen Lowry, Program Director of IBM Blockchain Labs and Garage. They’ll be discussing the following topics:

  • The concept of pair programming and how business leaders and programmers can use The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Composer to model business use cases by employing a shared language.
  • How developers already have many of the skills that are needed to build blockchain applications.
  • Considerations for activating a blockchain network, including governance, practical first steps, minimum viable products (MVPs), and tools to use.
  • What the Garage is all about and how to participate in a workshop.
  • Ways to get started on the IBM Blockchain Platform, including production requirements and pricing.

The experts will also be answering viewer questions during the webinar and by email if time runs out before all inquiries have been addressed. So, don’t hesitate to ask about that issue that’s been bothering you. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of value from the discussions this episode of the new series, so be sure to mark it on your calendar!

This is the year that leaps and bounds will be made with blockchain, and many new networks will go into production. Don’t let your business fall behind by stopping your exploration of blockchain before you can see its benefits in action.

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