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Top three segments from Live! From Tomorrow “Blockchain for Business”

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“I know the world is complicated, but the blockchain keeps us true.” This was sung (and I do mean “sung”) by Matthew Hooper in the July 27 episode of Live! From Tomorrow. The episode, which was developed with support from Mashable and IBM Blockchain, explored blockchain technology’s evolution from the realm of hobbyists to the center of corporate life all over the world.

I admit that before I started watching the show, I was a skeptical millennial. With my experience writing about blockchain in a professional setting, I couldn’t really fathom how anything related to it could be made funny. However, I soon discovered that learning about blockchain could be both educational and entertaining. There were songs! There were skits! There were movie trailers! Each part of the show presented exciting and transformational aspects of the technology through different perspectives.

Read on for what I think were the top three segments and then check out the video replays.

Love on the blockchain

Matt stars in a skit about love, blockchain and the global supply chain. I won’t give away the whole plot, but here’s the condensed version: Matt gets very distracted during the filming of a corporate video about cross-border payments with blockchain. The distraction sets him off on a trip to a distant land where he discovers some uncomfortable truths about love. Luckily, Matt probably won’t be “fired” because his journey also demonstrated how a product on blockchain could be traced back through the supply chain to its origin.

You might think that the type of use case in this skit is improbable or farfetched, but some companies are already doing similar things with blockchain. For example, Walmart recently disclosed results from an initial pilot study to put a couple of food products on blockchain in China and the United States. However, one difference between the skit and real life is that Walmart can find the tracking information of a product on blockchain in just 2.2 seconds — a process that can take almost seven days using traditional methods. I can think of several benefits to knowing where my food comes from (apart from the ones illustrated by Matt)!

The panel

I know I’m not alone in that I often find it difficult to focus on what’s being said during panels. That wasn’t the case with this discussion. The combination of entrepreneur, investor and expert brought out some great insights about the technology and how it’s being used by real businesses. There were three panelists:


Rewire your industry with IBM Blockchain

These ambitious, engaging people believe they can change the world and are making those aspirations a reality. Shaun’s mission to reduce ocean plastic and fight poverty through recycling ecosystems is especially admirable.

Common themes throughout the panel were building trust and certainty in transactions, empowering people through easier access to financing, cutting out the middleman and the importance of enterprise ecosystems. Catch the replay starting at 19:40 and don’t miss their final ruminations on how blockchain will have changed our world in the next five years.

To find out what’s already possible because of blockchain, explore IBM Blockchain use cases.

“The blockchain keeps us true” song

You probably already guessed it, but this last segment is where the quote at the beginning of the post comes from. Near the end of the episode, guitar player and vocalist Mark Levy says he still doesn’t entirely understand what the blockchain is. This spurs Matt into a final song and dance number — along with hilarious results when he has to start over! If you can keep up with the lyrics, you just might finally be able to comprehend what blockchain is. Or you might not. Either way, it’s entertaining!

Live! From Tomorrow “Blockchain for Business” might not be a typical learning resource, but it is a great introduction to the topic of blockchain. Not only will you laugh; you’ll learn something new while getting excited about the future of business. Be sure to check out the video if you missed it, but don’t let your newfound enthusiasm for blockchain stop there. I’m sure you still have many questions, so use the button below download Blockchain for Dummies and gain a deeper understanding of the technology and how you can use it.

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