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The platform of the future: Blockchain at PAYMENTS 2017

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Leaders in payments environments are cultivating new delivery approaches for instant payment processing that incorporate real-time fraud prevention methods. From April 23 – 26, the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) will be hosting PAYMENTS 2017, a conference that will bring together the organizations and professionals who are setting the agenda for the future of payment processes and financial ecosystems.

IBM will be at the event to showcase its vision for the payments platform of the future: a platform that supports instant transactions, is agile and security-rich. IBM’s goal is to help financial institutions modernize and reinvent their payments platforms by radically simplifying processes and reducing costs while delivering the real-time payment services its customers demand. An important component of this vision is blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that has the potential to improve the speed, transparency and efficiency with which payments are made.

Learn more about blockchain in the payments industry

Blockchain Explained: Use Cases & Successes: Tuesday, 25 April, 2:30 – 3:30 PM, Room 12AB

The development of shared, immutable ledger technology for recording the history of transactions has altered how people exchange value and how they recognize ownership of an asset in the digital age. This is blockchain and it is driving the reinvention of many of the world’s most fundamental business interactions. Join speakers Nitin Gaur and Tim Richer as they advance the idea of blockchain as a powerful open source approach that can support serious business.

Nitin Gaur is the director of IBM Blockchain Labs, and Tim Richer is the blockchain marketing leader at IBM.

Bring transparency, simplicity and efficiency to every financial transaction

Find out how to protect your financial transactions

Preventing Fraud Within Instant Payments: Tuesday, 25 April, 2:30 – 3:30 PM, Room 17AB

Bank-to-bank financial transactions can quickly become vulnerable to fraudulent attacks from bank cards and mobile payments. Fortunately, fraud prevention can now be achieved through next-generation cognitive computing, which combines human expertise and machine learning to detect actual fraud patterns. In this session, speakers Constantin von Altrock and Stan Dillon will talk about the value of real-time profiling to assess fraud risk in milliseconds and decline fraudulent transactions before they are credited. The solution they will discuss was the first fraud prevention system used with the UK faster payment system, and it was recently selected by the largest European ACH provider.

Constantin von Altrock is the co-founder of Iris Analytics and director of IBM Safer Payments, and Stan Dillon is the vice president of FIS.

Discover blockchain solutions for financial ecosystems

Head over to booth #507 to meet IBM experts, see some demos and learn more about blockchain solutions in the payments industry. For a discussion on the cognitive payments platform of the future with Sri Chawla, stop by the booth on Monday, 24 April at 12:45 PM or Tuesday, 25 April at 3:45 PM.

Experts at the IBM booth will also offer in-depth insight on the following topics:

  • Payments in the API economy.
  • Real-time fraud prevention for ACH and wire transfers.
  • A cohesive payments platform approach from real-time payments (TCH, Zelle, SEPA Instant Payments) to traditional platform modernization.
  • A cognitive approach to payment processing, from self-service on-boarding to the treasury management dashboard.

Join IBM Blockchain at PAYMENTS 2017

Register today and join me in Austin, Texas later this month to take advantage of these great opportunities:

  • Choose from over 130 sessions and workshops featuring payments and innovation experts.
  • Hear from industry leaders who are driving innovative payments solutions and practices.
  • Meet payment ecosystem stakeholders and explore issues that are top priorities.
  • Connect with experts in emerging areas such as immediate payment networks, fraud prevention and blockchain.

To learn more about what IBM is doing with blockchain in finance, be sure to check out this blog post by Michael Dowling. And don’t forget there are many ways to reimagine your industry with blockchain. Be sure to join the IBM Blockchain community to keep up with the latest:

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Portfolio Marketing Manager- Counter Fraud and Financial Crimes, IBM Hybrid Cloud

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