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Blockchain for business: Top 5 to-dos at InterConnect

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Blockchain. This distributed ledger technology has been mentioned several times in recent meetings, but you still don’t know that much about it or how it works. Everyone’s saying it’s going to transform the way businesses transact, making it easier, faster and safer to transfer value between different parties. However, you haven’t yet figured out how to leverage blockchain in your own business and would like to see some concrete examples. Or maybe you’ve already decided to implement blockchain but need some help getting started.

Fortunately for you, blockchain will be a hot topic at IBM InterConnect this year. Join the following sessions to make the most of this opportunity to learn more about the technology and how it is being used in client use cases.

Understand the technology

Open Technology Summit: Sunday, 19 March, 4 – 7 PM, Islander I, Mandalay Bay

Start your week off right at the Open Technology Summit on Sunday. At this relaxed but informative event, you’ll discover how rapid innovation, interoperability and scalability is possible with an open technologies approach. Several great open source technology communities will be discussed, but one will be of particular interest to you: The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project. Anyone can join and contribute to this open-governed community, which has brought together over 120 technology providers and industry leaders to advance blockchain technology as an enterprise-class open standard for shared, distributed ledgers. At the summit, you’ll get to hear Jerry Cuomo, Vice President of Blockchain Technologies at IBM, share his perspective on the benefits of an open approach to blockchain in your organization

The bar will open early, so you’ll have time to network and engage directly with experts. And be sure to RSVP since space is limited.

Learn the basics

Introduction to Blockchain sessions: Monday, 20 March, 1 – 1:45 PM or Wednesday, 22 March, 8 – 8:45, South Pacific F

After you’ve gotten excited about the benefits of open source and The Hyperledger Project, join Matthew Lucas of IBM for a breakout session to learn more about the technology that is setting out to provide the foundation for a new generation of transactional applications. This session gives an overview of blockchain, The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric and IBM Blockchain offerings. You’ll find out why the technology is so important and how IBM can help you on your path to adoption.

If you miss the session on Monday, check out the repeat on Wednesday.

What’s your potential blockchain ROI?

Hear from clients

Blockchain: Re-imagining Business Networks: Tuesday, 21 March, 2:30 – 3:15 PM, Mandalay Bay Ballroom H

How is blockchain technology changing fundamental business processes? Discover the answer to this question and more when you join Jerry Cuomo and Ross Mauri of IBM and Leanne Kemp, CEO of Everledger, for the blockchain keynote on Tuesday. You’ll also learn about Linux Foundation’s open source blockchain platform, Hyperledger Fabric, and see how blockchain is being used right now.

Visit the IBM Blockchain booth


Whenever you have some downtime, head over to the IBM Blockchain booth (#743) at the Concourse. You’ll be able to see some cool demos and learn more about blockchain in production from cross-industry client use cases.

Also, make sure to swing by the booth from 3:30 – 4:30 PM on Tuesday for exclusive access to Blockchain for Dummies. The comprehensive book provides everything you need to know to understand, apply and get started with blockchain. You’ll be able to meet the author and can even get your own copy of the book. Limited supply available!

Apply blockchain in your industry

If you’re still wondering about the benefits of blockchain and how to implement it in your own business, don’t miss these sessions.

Cross-Border Payments with Blockchain Technology: Tuesday, 21 March, 4:45 – 5:30 PM, Islander I

Discover how blockchain technology provides the promise of cross-border payment networks that ensure consensus, provenance, immutability and finality among enterprises and regulators as well as consumers.

A Deep-Dive into an IBM Blockchain-Based Carbon Asset Development System based on IBM Blockchain with Beijing Energy Chain: Wednesday, 22 March, 2 – 2:45 PM, South Pacific F

Get an in-depth look at how IBM Blockchain was used to develop the world’s first blockchain-based carbon asset management system. Among other things, you’ll learn how blockchain can be used to shorten asset development time and reduce unnecessary credit and notarization processes.

From March 19 – 23, blockchain experts, technical professionals and industry leaders will be all be in one place: IBM InterConnect. Register today and begin building your curriculum so you can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Sign up to for the IBM Blockchain developerWorks newsletter, and don’t forget to join the community and let us know what you think!

Since the publication of this post there have been exciting changes. Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 Beta is now available to the public. Sign up here to help shape Hyperledger Fabric and to learn more.

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