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Blockchain is real and it’s NOW!

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The first day at Money20/20 2016 was full of excitement and innovation around blockchain technology. It was on the lips of almost every speaker at the conference sessions, with talk of blockchain as one of the top disruptors of 2017 and the admonishment for companies to be at the ready to take advantage of its opportunities.

Hot blockchain topics at Money20/20

Conversations covered a range of areas, but the topics and themes that I found of particular interest were:

  • People continue to debate the scope and definition of blockchain.
  • This debate quite often centers around whether people are talking about the technology for business or in regulated environments rather than in freely anonymous environments.
  • It is business networks are uniquely different than historical models, requiring the ability to agree that transactions are valid across a network of entities and allowing for regulatory oversight, compliance and audit.
  • Permissioned blockchains enable better regulation of transactions in business environments.
  • Standards, models, protocols are still evolving and government and consortiums can help financial institutions protect consumers without stifling innovation.
  • A key focus was on where blockchain was in the the stage of its evolution. Is it real or theoretical?
  • People emphasized that, in the past year, this technology has moved from the abstract to practical reality with real use cases primed to move into production now and into 2017.
  • Folks also noticed that many of these use cases are coming from outside the USA, begging the question why the USA appears to be behind the game in this space.

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IBM Blockchain NOW

IBM’s point of view is that permissioned blockchains are critical for business networks requiring regulatory compliance and the technology is no longer theoretical, but real. IBM Blockchain and Hyperledger made several key announcements this week demonstrating they are open for business and ready to help clients take advantage of this opportunity NOW.

These are just a few of the announcements and opinions released this past week:

Great stuff is still ahead at Money 20/20 with the following ways to learn more:

Monday, October 23

  • During expo hours, visit booth 1033 to chat with experts
  • 4pm: Chris Ferris, IBM CTO, Open Technologies, presents on Blockchain Explained in booth 1033
  • 5:30: The IBM booth café will be serving individual gourmet popcorn during the expo reception

Tuesday, October 24

You can also follow our real-time updates online by reading our live from the ground Money20/20 blogs and following us on:

Read the Hyperledger blog to learn the best ways to engage with Hyperledger while at Money20/20.

Learn more about the overall presence of IBM at Money20/20.

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