How to run a SPSS Statistics Production job from command line on Macintosh without the need to launch SPSS?

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You work with IBM SPSS Statistics 23.x installed on a Apple Macintosh OSX like 10.10 Yosemite or higher.
On the help system topic: Help > Core System > Production jobs you find the chapter:
“Running production jobs from a command line”
with the text below:
“Command line switches enable you to schedule production jobs to run automatically at certain times, using scheduling utilities available on your operating system.
The basic form of the command line argument is:

stats filename.spj -production

Depending on how you invoke the production job, you may need to include
directory paths for the stats executable file (located in the directory in which the application is installed) and/or the production job file.”

On a Windows 64 bit operating system you find the stats executable (stats.exe) on default path for the installation:
C:Program FilesIBMSPSSStatistics23

But you do not find the stats executable on your installation on Macintosh. Where to find this file and how to run the production job from command line on Macintosh?

See the answer on our technote 1972811

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