IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud: Complete Choice, Confidence and Control

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By Matthew Mikell, Product Marketing Manager, IBM Cognos Analytics

If you’re interested in business intelligence on cloud, you can be sure that no other vendor knows innovation on the cloud like IBM. With close to 1,500 patents in cloud computing and more than 40 data centers around the world, IBM’s expertise is unsurpassed.

It’s important to realize that when you deploy IBM Cognos Analytics on cloud, IBM delivers the solution in its entirety. This tends not to be the case with other vendors who typically do not get involved in the heavy lifting of managing cloud operations.

Whether you are new to IBM Cognos Analytics or a current IBM Cognos Business Intelligence user who is soon to upgrade, there are three critical reasons to consider IBM Cognos Analytics in the cloud:

  1. Agility. Cloud enables a quick and easy ramp up because IBM draws upon its best practices to put the application online quickly and easily.
  2. Cloud does not require a major capital outlay for hardware. Tapping into operational budgets instead of capital budgets allows for greater flexibility, with costs based on actual usage.
  3. IT resource constraints are not an issue when deploying IBM Cognos Analytics on cloud. IBM can get you set up online and maintain the system, without burdening IT in the process.

If you are a current IBM Cognos user and your data is on-premises, you have the option of upgrading to IBM Cognos Analytics and maintaining both environments simultaneously. You can use the existing data sources that you’ve built and curated over the years and we can establish a runway for you to eventually migrate from your on-premises environment to the cloud. The timing is up to you with the assurance of complete choice, confidence and control.

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