Can Easy Analytics Be Any Easier? Yes, It Can

The interesting thing about being innovative is that it’s something that doesn’t stop after the first taste of success. IBM Watson Analytics has made advanced analytics easy – for everyone. And people have been using it for everything from getting insight from agricultural data to help farmers plant more judiciously to picking players for a […]

Democratizing Data Discovery

By Greg Adams, Director and Distinguished Engineer, IBM Cognos Analytics In our current data-driven business climate, IT departments are becoming increasingly challenged with the flood of requests for business intelligence and analytics. They can’t possibly respond to them all. At the same time, the business is looking for the tools to explore company data independently […]

Capitalizing on big data with advanced analytics

There’s no question that big data is here to stay, and it’s only getting bigger. Sensors, social media sites, photos, videos, purchase transactions, geo-location signals, and more are creating data in ever-increasing volumes, velocity, variety and veracity. In order to be able to capitalize on all of this information and glean meaning from it, organizations […]

Using data-based insights to retain valuable customers and grow revenue

Too often organizations focus on serving their largest, most profitable clients. But how can you ensure that your other, smaller customers won’t slip away? The answer: tapping the stream of customer data that flows into your business, and putting it to work. Unlike a decade or so ago, organizations today enjoy an unprecedented level of […]

Business Partner Perspective: IBM Cognos Analytics Simplifies Exploration of Company Data

As a global provider of management solution expertise, PMsquare is a Premier IBM Business Partner and a long-time advocate of IBM Cognos. In November 2013, PMsquare achieved the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Accreditation. Two years later, two of the company’s top execs were among the first to test drive the enhanced IBM Cognos Analytics. Dustin […]

Analyst Insight: The Six C’s to Successfully Implementing Self-service Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) isn’t just for database experts anymore. It is aimed at giving you direct access to all of the business decision insights your data can provide. Until recently, BI was mostly for specialists, where the tools were hard to operate and required extensive IT knowledge. When business managers or executives needed insights, they […]

IT Execs: Cognos Analytics Does Cloud Better (Part 2)

There are many differentiators to Cognos Analytics on Cloud (formerly Cognos Business Intelligence) and one that every IT Administrator appreciates is simple upgrades and subscription management. Subscribing to Cognos on the Cloud, you need only keep track of the number of named users. This is part of the series Best of BI: Ten Differentiators. Taking […]

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud: Complete Choice, Confidence and Control

By Matthew Mikell, Product Marketing Manager, IBM Cognos Analytics If you’re interested in business intelligence on cloud, you can be sure that no other vendor knows innovation on the cloud like IBM. With close to 1,500 patents in cloud computing and more than 40 data centers around the world, IBM’s expertise is unsurpassed. It’s important […]

New approaches in advanced analytics: Building a team of citizen data scientists

Big data is everywhere: in sensors, in social media data, on the web, in your transactional systems. It can be used to help organizations make better decisions about which customers to attract, which candidates to hire, which transactions may be fraudulent, and which strategies are likely to drive the most revenue growth. Yet all the […]

Introducing IBM SPSS Modeler 18: Working with big data and open source just got easier

People often say that good things come to those who wait. If you’ve been waiting for more powerful, flexible tools to help you work more effectively with big data and open source technology, your wait is over. IBM has just released a new version of the data mining workbench IBM SPSS® Modeler, which brings exciting […]