IBM Announces New Updates to its Accessibility Service on Bluemix

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IBM has added new functionality to its IBM Digital Content Checker for Bluemix, improving the ability to securely check the accessibility of large collections of conWhite stick figure inside of a blue shield.tent.

The Digital Content Checker allows users to easily verify the accessibility of HTML content or EPUB documents. The service quickly examines your content, provides a detailed report of all accessibility violations, and then recommends how to fix the issues so the content conforms to industry standards and government regulations before being published.

With the addition of the new Batch Scan Tool, users can now verify the accessibility of directories or other listings of content locally. The new tool can provide value when integrated into automated build processes, which is typical of DevOps environments. It provides accessibility feedback throughout the content lifecycle while developing content, editing it, and for final review before publishing. Digital Content Checker is also designed to be customized for an organization’s internal content development workflow processes.

The locally run scans improve performance and security by eliminating the need to transfer content being tested, while still leveraging the accessibility testing expertise provided by IBM Accessibility. After each document or HTML page is scanned, users will receive a report outlining all violations based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA standards, in addition to rules that IBM has identified to enhance the accessibility of web applications.

Each violation also contains a description about the issue and links for more information on how it can be corrected. Reports can also be downloaded as a CSV file and shared as a spreadsheet throughout the organization.

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