Executive Insights: Discussing Co-Creation With Elisabeth Stahl, Distinguished Engineer

The Academy of Technology’s “Executive Insights” series provides thought leadership from executives and senior members of IBM with the goal of encouraging the exchange of ideas and information. In this post, we talk with Elisabeth Stahl about Co-Creation.

Elisabeth Stahl

Distinguished Engineer
IBM Systems Worldwide Client Experience Centers

What is Co-Creation and why does it matter?

Elisabeth: Co-Creation is a new way of working — by creating together. It’s a key economic strategy to develop new business models, products, and services for innovation.

Who is using Co-Creation today?

Elisabeth: Many organizations including LEGO, BMW, and IBM employ Co-Creation.

In fact, IBM consulted with more than 100 companies as part of the design and development for IBM’s z15. By Co-Creating together with clients, better deliverables and minimum viable products (MVPs) can be produced.

Is Co-Creation linked to Digital Transformation?

Elisabeth: Through Co-Creation we can enhance Digital Transformation, using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes to meet changing business requirements and challenges.

By working together in Discovery and Design workshops we can understand business challenges, create and prioritize use cases and optimize architectures, designs and solutions. I encourage everyone to learn more about Co-Creation.

Meet Elisabeth Stahl

Elisabeth Stahl is an IBM Distinguished Engineer focusing on Cloud and IT Infrastructure.  She is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, IEEE Senior Member, and is on the Board of Directors at Computer Measurement Group and The Music Settlement.

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These are the opinions of the author and while a distinguished member of our Academy and IBM, all thoughts expressed are solely his/her own.

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