Academy Member Dr. Rajiv Joshi, Winner of the NYIPLA 2020 Inventor of the Year Award

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The IBM Academy of Technology is pleased to congratulate Dr. Rajiv Joshi, IBM Academy of Technology member, for winning The New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYIPLA) 2020 Inventor of the Year Award. The Inventor of the Year Award is presented each year in recognition of the contribution that the invention has and/or will make towards society as a whole. For 2020, the association recognized Dr. Joshi for his pioneering work in advancing the electronic industry and improving artificial intelligence capabilities, and he accepted the award via an online interview.

Dr. Joshi  received his B.Tech from I.I.T (Bombay, India) and his MS from M.I.T, is a prolific inventor with more than 250 US and more than 350 international patents. He is an IEEE Fellow and received the Industrial Pioneer Award from the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society in 2013. He is a key technical lead at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center, focusing on the development of integrated circuits and memory chips.

Holding the IBM title of Master Inventor since 1997, Joshi has more than 200 publications including conferences and journals, and he has received scores of other accolades and awards including receiving the IBM’s Corporate Patent Portfolio Award on three separate occasions. Among several honors, Joshi was inducted into the New Jersey Inventor Hall of Fame in 2014, received IEEE CAS Society’s Industrial Pioneer Award, and the IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award for Emerging Technologies in 2018.

Joshi’s successful tenure at IBM Research has been highlighted by breakthrough inventions that are prevalent to our everyday lives such as servers, medical devices, handheld devices, and wearable technology. His inventions include fundamental interconnect process technology that helped in the achievement of Moore’s scaling, which aides with computational performance and for memory bandwidth issues, which are much-needed for AI.


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