Academy of Technology and AAAS-Lemelson Webcast: Invention and Innovation for Global Good

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The AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassadors are partnering with the IBM Academy of Technology and the IBM Global Technology Community to provide
a human face to some of the inventions that have contributed to a safe planet. Invention and innovation for global good through vehicles such as sustainable technologies, human social programs and global health awareness is critical for the progression of humanity. The inventor stories inspire a broad audience to engage in creative impact thinking.

The first session on Dec 14, 2017, featured three world-renowned inventors along with an executive from AAAS. A subsequent session on Jan 10, 2018, will showcase another four ambassadors’ accomplishments. There will be replays of featured inventors for both sessions.

Calls to Action:

Susan Schreitmueller
President, IBM Academy of Technology

Neela White
Project Director
AAAS Center for Advancing Science and Engineering Capacity

Luis Almodovar
Co-Founder of Ergosuture Corp.

Sanna Gaspard
Founder and CEO of TLneoCare, LLC and Rubitection Inc.

Michele Ostraat
Downstream Research Center
Leader for the Aramco Research Center – Boston

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