About our Academy


Academy Overview

Our IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) was formed in 1989 as a community of the best technical minds in IBM to provide innovation, technical advice and conscience. The community supports cultural change across all business units and across the globe. Today, our AoT continues to be a community of selected IBM top technical leaders organized to advance the understanding of key technical areas & trends, enable attract & retain the technical community, and engage our clients in technical pursuits of mutual value. The Board of Governors is the ruling body for our Academy of Technology and consists of Senior Technical Executives and the Academy President. These executives provide guidance for our Academy value, assist in evangelizing our value and shaping our impact.


Academy of Technology Structure



The Academy is composed of a hierarchy of participants, members and non-members alike. We leverage the power of the entire IBM technical community to work toward insightful, inspired innovation. We strive to:

  • Look further and deeper into technology than most, to identify synergies and new techniques, that will enable us to anticipatethe needs of our customers
  • Provide IBMers an energizing ‘safe space’ to grow themselves and their networks to enable them to foster, collaborate and diffuse new ideas.
  • Be the innovators who are eminent because we create value for our customers.

It is our goal to provide unique leadership, leveraging IBM’s technical prowess without the constraints of organization and hierarchy. Each of our members are discerning innovators who have been selected because they are committed to giving their own time to create and promote meaningful technology.

Our Affiliates

Our IBM Academy of Technology has ~60 world-wide Affiliate teams. Affiliate teams consist of lead technologists from IBM that are passionate about technology and serve as an incubator for technical skills within IBM. Affiliates can be “local” to a geography or “virtual” across IBM. Every year each of our Affiliate teams sets their agenda, based on the overall Academy agenda, and determines what kinds of activities they will drive in support of their community. Each Affiliate team communicates their accomplishments and shares best practices with other Affiliate teams and across IBM. Our IBM Academy of Technology monitors activities delivered by the Affiliate teams and recognizes the top contributing Affiliates with “Exemplary Affiliate” status.

We also have a Google Map that plots the location of each Academy Affiliate throughout the world. Click on any individual map point for the affiliate name and leader information.