May 31, 2019 By Paulo Alexandre Guimaraes Torres 2 min read

São Paulo, the largest city in South America, has an evolving innovation ecosystem.

With a population of almost 13 million people and a slice of 18% of Brazil’s GDP, São Paulo is referred to as Brazil’s innovation center. Not only is 60% of the nation’s investments in startups here, but there are also over 2,000 technology ventures in the city. 

People like to say that if it works in São Paulo, it is very capable to work in other places in Brazil as well. Obviously, we can’t say that innovations won’t and can’t be found elsewhere, but usually when there is innovation born elsewhere, these same companies try to have an office in São Paulo to be close to their partners and industries.

This is why São Paulo is a perfect home for an IBM Garage. 

The IBM Garage

The IBM Garage is a network of physical innovation hubs with the DNA of a startup. At Garages around the world, companies both large and small are empowered to create engaging applications. Garage teams help businesses start their transformation in workshops, where IBMers help design and build real apps that solve the business’ needs. 

For every business and across any industry, the Garage Method can be adopted to deliver ideas faster. The aim is to not only speed up the process but to perfect it and make it repeatable. To do so, IBM Garage teams create personas to understand user pain points, define the right cloud strategy and tools, rank backlogs to deliver a minimum viable product, build user experience prototypes, and validate with test users.

The current Garage team in São Paulo is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of developers, architects, and designers. While everyone in the team comes from different backgrounds, what unites everyone is their desire to innovate and create the best experience for customers and users.

The Garage in São Paulo has recently worked with Pneubras, the largest tire company in northeast Brazil. The team was able to create a new app from the ground using machine learning to help salespeople improve their results via a recommendation system. We also helped the client create a dashboard to the supervisor team so they are able to track the progress of the sales team using a dashboard.

Join us in São Paulo

Here at the IBM Garage in São Paulo, are excited to guide many more business like Pneubras in their transformation. To help kickstart new relationships, we are inviting our clients to the IBM Garage on June 3, 2019. They will hear stories of innovation from our current clients and network with peers who have transformed their businesses forever.  

The IBM Garage exists to help your business thrive, and we want to help you through your cloud transformation journey. To see what the Garage can do for you, we welcome you to schedule a visit.

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