Simplify your data landscape with a universal query engine and get all your data in one view with IBM Watson Query.

We are proud to announce IBM Watson Query, a universal query engine that is the evolution of IBM Data Virtualization as a Service launched in June of this year. Built for the cloud to break down data silos while accelerating query access, Watson Query for IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service executes distributed and virtualized queries across databases, data warehouses and data lakes without additional manual changes, data movement or replication.

This new, fully managed query engine goes beyond simply abstracting data through data virtualization by executing queries against an enterprise’s data — including data lakes — across a hybrid landscape. Traditionally, it takes considerable work to get data ready to be queried or, conversely, prepare the query to access data where it resides. With Watson Query’s technology and integration with IBM’s data fabric, you can take the usually weeks-long data prep and access process down to minutes, so you get value from your data faster and easier.

Query data fast with intelligent caching

IBM’s caching capabilities help reduce query time and Watson Query makes it easier than ever. Watson Query recommends when caching would be most useful and automatically generates the SQL to do so if the users choose to apply it. The service contains an advanced, optimizer-integrated, data-caching solution that can cache tables and queries, offering pre-computed result sets so you can analyze faster. There’s also flexibility in how you cache, and you can take advantage of easy-to-use cache management functions and multiple caching strategies to save on performance.  

Query data where it resides, even on object stores

As enterprises take advantage of cost-effective object storage, and as the data in those data lakes grow in size and variation, organizations are looking for ways to efficiently use that data. Previously, data would need to be moved from the data lake to a more costly and efficient data warehouse, but with Watson Query, you can now query data directly in the data lake without data duplication or movement.

Simplified access to your data fabric

IBM Watson Query is a key service supporting your data fabric. Watson Query and IBM Data Virtualization help support self-service consumption of your data, enabling users to find, collaborate and access high-quality data through one view. Through tight integration with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog as part of a data fabric architecture, Watson Query connects governed data quickly to your end applications for faster, quality results.

Try it today at no cost to you

IBM Watson Query is available to try free for your first 30 days. Register here to get started now, or talk to a rep to learn more.

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