We are excited to introduce the IBM Cloud Advocate Learning Path, certification exams and study guides to help you succeed on your cloud journey.

Cloud adoption continues to accelerate and so does the demand for cloud skills, because companies recognize that employee knowledge of cloud is tied directly to the organization’s success. An Everest Group survey shows that 78% of enterprises are not able to succeed in their digital transformation initiatives because of the dearth of IT talent.

The IBM Cloud Advocate learning plan

The IBM Center for Cloud Training provides the training and certifications to help technology professionals learn how to utilize the cloud. Today, the Center released the following new learning path, certification exams and study guides:

  • New: IBM Cloud Advocate (new-to-cloud) learning plan
  • New: IBM Cloud Advocate v1 exam
  • Updated: IBM Cloud Solution Advisor exam
  • New: IBM Cloud Advocate certification exam study guide
  • Updated: IBM Cloud Solution Advisor certification exam study guide

IBM Cloud Advocate, a no-cost foundational course, contains two modules — Introduction to Cloud and IBM Cloud Essentials — that cover key cloud concepts and the basics of IBM Cloud. The certification exam is proctored by Pearson Vue.

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The IBM Center for Cloud Training is your source for role-based and specialty IBM Cloud training and certifications. No-charge technical and nontechnical training is available for those who are new to the cloud or new to IBM Cloud. The IBM Center for Cloud Training is grounded in knowledge gained through real-world cloud engagements with enterprise clients.

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