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The way we work has changed. But what remains constant is the need to provide the right workplace experience. In the age of COVID, however, that experience has shifted from coffee and snacks to something much more meaningful. Now, the right workplace experience is focused on health, well-being and an environment designed to let everyone do their best work. It starts with space management.

Space: driving the new workplace experience

Space planning helps organizations create the new workplace experience by addressing critical questions:

  • Is there enough space to create the right socially distanced floor plans and protect employee health?
  • Does everyone have quick access to find and reserve the space they need, including individual workspaces and meeting rooms?
  • Can space be quickly reconfigured if circumstances change?
  • How can space be reimagined to include outdoor options or as a destination instead of an office?

To address these questions companies can turn to IBM TRIRIGA. TRIRIGA takes a comprehensive, data- and AI-driven approach to making the most of space. You’ll find key functionality, like dynamic space planning. You’ll also have access to density heat mapping and near-real-time occupancy monitoring, both in partnership with Cisco DNA Spaces. Take a quick tour of TRIRIGA space management.

“A highly configurable IWMS application with broad functionality and deep competences in space management, maintenance, capital projects, real estate, and leasing.”IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Integrated Workplace Management System 2020-2021 Vendor Assessment, December 2020, IDC #US46261420e

Space + workplace services for the best experience

A safe, productive space is foundational to the employee experience. Yet there’s another facet: workplace services that help everyone stay healthy, connected and productive. IBM TRIRIGA now includes two new services designed to do just that:

  • Easy-to-use wayfinding with indoor mapping powered by Esri ArcGIS Indoors.
    IBM TRIRIGA has partnered with the global market leader in geographic information systems (GIS), Esri. to bring TRIRIGA floorplans to life. It’s a contactless option for wayfinding that reduces congestion and makes it easier and safer for users to navigate buildings and campuses. Learn more about the TRIRIGA/Esri partnership.
  • An AI-based chatbot with TRIRIGA Assistant
    With TRIRIGA Assistant, users have an AI chatbot to book a room, request maintenance or locate a colleague’s assigned seat, all using natural language and an intuitive interface. It’s another contactless way to simplify work life and improve the workplace experience. TRIRIGA Assistant works within TRIRIGA Workplace Services perceptive apps, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Try a free 90-day trial.

How space management drives savings and operational efficiency, too

The health and safety of employees is paramount, But space also plays a key role in cost control. A holistic, enterprise-wide view of space can uncover opportunities to consolidate and/or repurpose areas, floors and even entire buildings. This is especially true for companies adopting a flexible workplace. In fact, a recent study by independent research firm, Verdantix, found that 83% of CFOs said they’re looking to facilities and capital expenditure as a cost cutting opportunity.

IBM TRIRIGA enables you to capture and analyze data to make the most strategic space decisions. Discover how to drive more operational efficiency for your organization.

Put safety and productivity at the forefront of your strategy

To keep people and facilities safe and meet the needs of the business, organizations must move away from manual or siloed systems. Especially as companies consider their long-term plans, there’s massive value in managing all facets of a real estate portfolio from a single solution.

As the IDC MarketScape noted “What becomes abundantly clear is that multiple departments and user types across the organization need access to the same information and insights.” There’s where TRIRIGA can help. For example, by centralizing enterprise information, you can compare space and occupancy utilization with lease options and identify options to reduce your space – and your costs. That single source of truth gives you an unprecedented opportunity to use data and insights from your facilities and design safe, productive and flexible workplaces.

About IBM TRIRIGA: A market-leading integrated workplace management solution (IWMS), TRIRIGA gives you a suite of capabilities to get the most out of your facilities. You can design a safe, flexible workplace with dynamic space planning, increase employee engagement and productivity with indoor mapping and an AI assistant, streamline leases, reduce the costs of capital projects, and increase operational efficiency, all while delivering greater value to the bottom line. Schedule time to talk with one of our experts to see how we can help you with your real estate and facilities management.

Read the press release on new TRIRIGA AI-driven capabilities

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