By 2030, the number of connected IoT devices worldwide is predicted to reach 125 billion. This is a clear sign of how intelligent today’s assets have become. It’s also an indicator that operating models must evolve along with the assets themselves. That evolution requires an innovative  enterprise asset management (EAM) solution. IBM Maximo® has been a leader in EAM for many years. It’s a sophisticated maintenance and operations solution that delivers the essential insights you need to operate and maintain high-value physical assets, optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs.

IBM Maximo is now extending its leadership as the most trusted enterprise asset management system on the planet. Powered by IBM’s investments in artificial intelligence, fueled by IoT data, and built for hybrid cloud, it offers even greater performance to our customers. Maximo now allows them to better monitor equipment and operational performance. They can understand asset health, predict failures before they happen, and more efficiently provide maintenance and repair. And with new investments in AI-powered remote monitoring at enterprise scale, Maximo gives OT and IT leaders a comprehensive view into asset performance to ensure their business never stops.

Maximo helps drive digital reinvention and support operating model change

Recent and upcoming enhancements to IBM Maximo include AI-powered innovations in monitoring, augmented reality, mobility, and digital twins. With Maximo, OT and IT leaders have the tools for greater operational visibility and control across the enterprise to:

  • Monitor equipment and operational performance

IBM delivers remote AI-powered monitoring. OT and IT groups can act confidently with fewer, more accurate alerts and greater situational awareness and insights.

  • Assist the maintenance technician

IBM supports continuous operations using next generation AI and AR. Maximo now empowers field technicians, of any experience level, to respond to issues quickly, accurately, and seamlessly. They’re augmented by the collective knowledge of their most experienced colleagues.

  • Manage and maintain enterprise assets

IBM provides a fully integrated solution that works across EAM and APM. It uses advanced analytic tools plus IoT measurement and event data to improve operational availability and reduce risk.

  • Protect workers

IBM protects workers with a device agnostic approach. Furthermore, it relies upon holistic data: biometric data from wearables, measurement and event data from beacons and environmental sensors, as well as weather data. Maximo provides safety officers, work site supervisors, and technicians with real-time insights to support worker safety and safety plan compliance.

As a global leader in IT, IBM is uniquely qualified to develop revolutionary capabilities for Maximo. We leverage the established capabilities of IBM Research, our investments in artificial intelligence, and our long history of applied innovation and world-changing technologies.

Maximo enables the technician and asset of the future

Take, for example, autonomous mining equipment. These high-value assets enable companies to push the limits of fossil fuel extraction with assets that run 24×7. Driven by IoT data and AI, Maximo leverages real-time analytics at enterprise scale. It remotely monitors equipment condition, improves anomaly detection with machine learning based algorithms, and predicts failures so that teams can plan for maintenance needs. This means fewer, more accurate alerts and greater insights. OT and IT groups can respond more effectively and reduce unplanned downtime.

The maintenance of sophisticated assets requires access to specific expertise. This is a challenging prospect given the aging technician workforce and the complexity of software driven equipment. Enabled by new innovation in Maximo, less experienced maintenance technicians will have the ability to engage expertise anytime and anywhere, gaining real-time advice on repairs

Where 70% of organizations regard the loss of talent as a major challenge, the capabilities of Maximo significantly augment technician ability, accelerate learning, and serve as a critical path to knowledge transfer.

Asset management becomes asset improvement

About 40% of scheduled maintenance is spent on assets with negligible impact on uptime. Therefore, it’s critical to understand the right preventive, predictive, and prescriptive maintenance actions that will extend asset life without unnecessary costs. For asset-intensive industries with complex assets, IBM Maximo transforms how organizations manage these assets.

Infused with advanced analytics, AI, and industry-customized applications, Maximo provides reliability engineers and maintenance supervisors greater insights into the health of their assets. It gives them the ability to predict the likelihood of future failures. And it enables them to take the best actions to optimize asset performance.


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Driven by IoT data, IBM Maximo Asset Monitor leverages our commitment to data science at enterprise-scale. This new addition to the Maximo suite enables you to remotely monitor equipment condition, improve anomaly detection with AI, and predict failures. Your teams can plan for maintenance needs instead of being surprised by them.

Read our recent press release and join us for a live virtual event on November 21, 11:00 AM ET to learn more about IBM Maximo Asset Monitor.

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