Today, we announced the general availability of IBM Cloud Satellite with more than 65 partners from IBM’s partner ecosystem.

IBM Cloud Satellite gives organizations the flexibility to deploy and run applications managed as a service across on-premises, public clouds and at the edge. The platform extends the security and open architecture of IBM Cloud in any environment where workloads are running to help clients address the challenges they face when operating across multiple environments and support clients’ compliance readiness needs. By launching cloud services to different locations, while the operation remains with a public cloud provider, clients are positioned to more quickly support market expansion, create richer customer experiences and analyze data across locations.

Our collaboration with more than 65 enterprises from IBM’s partner ecosystem will help scale IBM Cloud Satellite’s open architecture across environments, accelerating innovation for clients. Together with partners, we can offer transparency and flexibility to help enterprises run workloads where it makes the most sense for their business — whether that is public cloud, their data center or at the edge.

Activating IBM’s partner ecosystem to scale IBM Cloud Satellite: Build Faster. Securely. Anywhere.

We are working with IBM’s partner ecosystem to offer a catalog of cloud services such as IBM Cloud DatabasesContinuous Delivery pipelines and IBM Watson. Partners like Tanium are working with us to expand their operations, security and risk management offerings from the IBM Cloud Catalog to be enabled for IBM Cloud Satellite. We are also helping partners deploy enterprise-ready software certified for Red Hat OpenShift, and use storage, networking, edge and other capabilities on IBM Cloud.

Partners such as ADVA, AT&T, Cisco, Dell Technologies, F5, Intel, NetApp, Inc., Portworx by Pure Storage and offer tested storage, networking and server solutions so clients can use their existing infrastructure to deploy IBM Cloud Satellite locations. We support product testing and configuration to help onboard partner solutions to IBM Cloud Satellite to confirm they are optimized for the platform. Working with these partners, we can provide a choice of infrastructure that makes it possible for clients to run workloads in their preferred location by taking advantage of cloud services on premises, in public clouds or at the edge. We are also bringing our Edge Application Manager solution to extend deployment of containerized applications from IBM Cloud Satellite locations to far edge devices.

We also expanded our relationships with service partners, including HCL Technologies, IBM Global Technology Services (NewCo), Prolifics, Tata Consultancy Services and Tech Mahindra Ltd. to offer migration and deployment services. Each of these partners participated in our beta program, where we provided overall enablement and technical resources to help them set up and configure IBM Cloud Satellite, test its capabilities, and identify, develop and deploy client-centric demos for different industries. As the cloud services market continues to grow, IBM’s collaboration with these partners is instrumental in helping clients adopt cloud best practices across all environments. With IBM Cloud Satellite, we can help clients manage security and their compliance needs for workloads in hybrid and multicloud environments and have visibility into their applications and cloud services.

IBM Cloud Satellite clients can also access software offerings on Red Hat Marketplace. The Marketplace offers AI, database, monitoring, networking, storage, security and other products that have been tested and certified to run on Red Hat OpenShift via IBM Cloud Satellite. Additionally, clients can access Red Hat OpenShift on-premises as a managed service with software from Red Hat Marketplace, giving them the flexibility to install and manage with greater simplicity.

Managing complex hybrid IT environments

IBM Cloud Satellite is designed to help enterprises manage increasingly complex hybrid IT environments, but we believe the platform will be especially valuable for those clients in highly regulated industries.

Telecommunications is one use case for IBM Cloud Satellite. Telco operators are shifting to cloud-native platforms like IBM Cloud for Telecommunications to modernize applications and infrastructure with 5G and edge. IBM Cloud Satellite enables operators to manage mission critical workloads from the network core to the edge and integrate many capabilities from IBM Cloud and partner solutions into their network environments.

Financial Services offers another example. IBM Cloud Satellite enables financial institutions to deploy IBM Cloud services — on any cloud, on-premises or at the edge — while they address industry-specific requirements. With IBM Cloud Satellite, banks can use partner solutions to support their required standards and address security and data sovereignty, subject to each region’s laws, when applying them on-premises, at their own Satellite locations.

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Join us on March 9, 2021 for a virtual event, “Distributed Cloud Made Real” about how IBM and its ecosystem partners are providing cloud services on-premises, across multiple cloud environments and at the edge to deliver new value to clients.

Learn more about how developers can use IBM’s Cloud Services across multiple environments with IBM Cloud Satellite here.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Satellite.

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