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IBM ELM 7.0 addresses increasing complexity and enterprise scalability demands

It’s no secret that engineering teams are at a tipping point in how they develop products. Even seemingly simple products demand new levels of scale and data transparency, putting pressure on teams to better integrate and collaborate to optimize delivery cycles.

Think about designing a safe, autonomous car. The scale and complexity of the engineering process across software, electrical and mechanical systems can be overwhelming. This complexity translates across every industry. Even so-called simple items in our daily lives have become modern day marvels of engineering.

That’s why, following a successful beta program with clients and partners, IBM Engineering has launched a new version of its Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution. ELM 7.0 integrates and enhances your development process by offering OSLC, SAFe 4.6, and Agile interoperability. ELM 7.0 continues to use AI to augment your system requirements quality while improving user experience with the addition of built-in templates to help you achieve compliance standards, like ASPICE for automotive.

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What is Enterprise Scale? 

Success today comes when teams can access an end-to-end system for managing the entire engineering lifecycle, from requirements management through complete systems design, modeling and testing. They require tools to manage systems of systems and teams of teams. More requirements. More artifacts. More users. All accessing a single source of truth across your entire engineering enterprise.

That’s what IBM ELM 7.0 delivers: the ability to scale your engineering operations to handle more complex projects and improve delivery cycles. The enhanced functionality will make it easier for development teams to leverage the advanced capabilities of ELM, including requirements and test management, modeling, workflow, industry interfaces, and reporting. ELM 7.0 will improve the productivity, quality, and cost of product development to deliver competitive differentiation and adaptability to market dynamics.

This new release demonstrates IBM’s continued heritage of providing market leading end-to-end, integrated solutions for complex product management and engineering. And more importantly, listening to our customers and working with them to deliver continuous improvements to our products.

What’s next for ELM?

The introduction of ELM 7.0 ensures our customers are equipped with the tools they need to develop tomorrow’s products in a smarter, safer and more cost-effective way. These enhancements help companies manage the growing complexity of product engineering with the speed necessary to deliver faster business outcomes.

We’re bringing AI into the development process to help you uncover valuable, real-time insights across your engineering data. Detect errors earlier in the product lifecycle, before products hit the market. Before the risk is too great.

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Get the IDC Analyst Report on Digital Transformation in Product Development

Get the IDC Analyst Report on Digital Transformation in Product Development

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