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Introducing a seven-episode miniseries from the IBM Cloud Podcast that covers all things cloud-native.

Cloud-native applications are designed to capitalize on the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. In contrast to traditional, monolithic applications, cloud-native applications are built using multiple, independent microservices that are deployed in cloud environments.

The IBM Cloud Podcast is excited to bring you a seven-episode podcast miniseries that covers all things cloud-native. 

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Episode 1: Everything Cloud-Native

In this first episode of the IBM Cloud Podcast miniseries on all things cloud-native, we chat with Briana Frank, Director of Product Management for IBM Cloud, who helps set the scene around cloud-native builds and processes today. Briana provides some clarity on what cloud-native actually means and how we can remove complexities from business. We talk about examples, use cases, and how cloud-native is more than just an agile approach to application development. 

Download Episode 1: Everything Cloud-Native

Episode 2: Running Kubernetes in Production

Cloud-native development takes an agile approach to creating new applications. Using a DevOps-based continuous delivery model, software development teams can quickly, iteratively, and automatically add new features to an application.

In this, the second part to our miniseries on all things cloud-native, we chat with an intelligent and highly technical Distinguished Engineer from the IBM Cloud Kubernetes team, Dan Berg, about what it is really like to run Kubernetes in production. Dan tells us about the secret sauce to success and what you need to do to be a part of it.

Download Episode 2: Running Kubernetes in Production

Episode 3: Culture Shift

In the third part to our miniseries on everything cloud-native, we chat with two IBM execs we’ve heard from earlier—Briana Frank and Dan Berg—about the cultural shift required to transform an organization to producing cloud-native applications.

Download Episode 3: Culture Shift

Episode 4: Organising to be Successful

In the fourth part of our cloud-native miniseries, we chat again with Briana Frank and Dan Berg about the right way to begin building with cloud-native, including jump-starting your idea with the IBM Garage. Briana and Dan talk about the importance of organising your teams, providing strong leadership, and having clearly defined roles and responsibilities. We talk around methodologies and practises, but mostly, keeping it simple works.

Download Episode 4: Organising to be Successful

Episode 5: Removing the Silos with Microservices

In this fifth part to our miniseries on all things cloud-native, we chat with Chris Rosen about microservices architecture. We talk around how this style of architecture improves time to market and gives an all-around better app quality. Chris tells us why it is so much needed in today world, the best ways to get yourself building, and helps us to understand its power using real-life examples.

Download Episode 5: Removing the Silos with Microservices

Episode 6: Gaining Advantages with the Technology

In this sixth part to our miniseries on all things cloud-native, we chat again with Dan Berg, this time about how he, as a coder, uses the technologies to his advantage. In other words, Dan tells the secret to being wildly successful in today’s technology-infused world and why it cannot happen without the use of cloud-native.

Download Episode 6: Gaining Advantages with the Technology

Episode 7: The Final Chapter – Acquiring Red Hat

In this final part to our miniseries on everything cloud-native, we chat again with Briana Frank, taking a look back at the previous episodes and then diving into IT’s hottest topic: IBM and Red Hat. We find out how it is all going before chatting around views on open sources and technologies, how and why IBM could move with speed, what changes today’s users will see, managed Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, and, finally, we take a glance into Briana’s crystal ball.

Download Episode 7: The Final Chapter – Acquiring Red Hat

Learn more about cloud-native

If you’re interested in learning more about cloud-native and all the associated topics and technologies, please check out the resources below.

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