Banks today are facing a significant challenge: they must evolve to follow the latest trends in new technology and consumer demand, while adhering to stricter and ever-changing industry regulations.

To support their transformation, last year, IBM designed an industry-first platform—IBM Cloud for Financial Services—that leverages the highest levels of encryption certification [1] in collaboration with Bank of America. And this morning, we shared a number of important ecosystem and technical enhancements that will help banks more effectively manage security and compliance in the hybrid and/or public cloud. But there is still so much more we can do for the financial services industry.

More than 30 partners have joined IBM’s ecosystem in the past three months

In addition to offering a secured cloud platform, it is equally important we build a trusted ecosystem around it. We believe that ecosystems are key to unlocking the full benefits of the cloud, especially for companies in highly regulated industries. That is why I am excited to share that more than 30 partners have joined our ecosystem in the past three months. Adobe, Amberoon, Assima, Asteria AB,, Caveonix, Continuity Logic, Decision Focus, Enghouse Interactive, Fortinet, GEVA Group, HyTrust, Infosys Finacle, Intellect Design, Intercope, knowis AG, Lumina, NexJ SystemsNuance Communications, Inc.Persistent Systems, Ribbon Communications, Ripe Hub, Robust Intelligence, Seismic, Shield, SunTec, Temenos, Thought Machine, TickTrade Systems, Veeam Software, VERMEG, VMware and Zafin have agreed to onboard their solutions to the IBM Cloud for Financial Services.

We are working closely with each of these companies to promote consistency with the requirements of the IBM Cloud for Financial Services to help them define and monitor their security and compliance obligations. Together, we are working to create a secure financial services ecosystem where banks, ISV partners and SaaS providers can transact with confidence.  

Watch the video below to learn more:

Building innovative solutions

With the support of IBM’s ecosystem of technology partners, IBM is building innovative solutions that can enhance the offerings of our financial institution clients by transforming everything from the customer experience, core banking applications and payments, to risk and compliance management, cybersecurity, financial reporting and more. Some specific examples include: developing a digital transformation platform for banking to rapidly bring a user-centric solution to the market; working directly with banks to offer an innovative relationship-based pricing engine as an SaaS offering to accelerate legacy transformation and business agility; and creating an SaaS-based solution to accelerate implementation of risk and compliance management and optimize securities lending and cash management.

Rallying together for client success

We believe that clients benefit when they have an ecosystem of partners working together to give them the best platforms, products and services. This is why we have reimagined the partnership experience to help our partners deliver the best cloud solutions with velocity and scale. In addition to onboarding these companies to the IBM Cloud for Financial Services, we also provide a wide variety of co-creation opportunities, selling networks and personalized go-to-market support, including the following:

  • A global team of highly experienced developer advocates that work with partners to co-create assets and/or technical enablement for workload migration.
  • Support from IBM’s technical teams to guide partners through strategic, technical and operational considerations, test these decisions and help build out cloud environments.
  • The Cloud Engagement Fund for additional resources to accelerate cloud strategies.
  • IBM’s partner-to-partner selling networks to uncover new opportunities and create demand.
  • Exposure to IBM financial institution clients once ISVs are validated.
  • Digital marketplaces, including access to the new Red Hat Marketplace, to help partners discover new opportunities.

IBM has built a 100+ year legacy on providing value to clients. Now, more than ever, we are equally focused on bringing value to our partners. We streamline their path to cloud innovation by investing in technical expertise and resources, empowering partners to create unique solutions that will ultimately transform industries spanning financial services, security and healthcare. I invite you to click here to learn more about how your company can partner with us so we can listen, learn and redefine the future of the global finance industry together.

Learn more

Read the latest news about the IBM Cloud for Financial Services in the press release.

Check out the more than 30 partners that have joined our ecosystem.


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