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To achieve our mission of helping enterprises across the globe succeed through innovation, our team works alongside IBM® Business Partners within our valued, growing ecosystem.

Our network consists of IBM Business Partner companies, independent software vendors (ISVs), managed service providers (MSPs), global system integrators (GSIs) and other integral organizations that share our goals. Together, our Business Partners have achieved new levels of growth themselves through innovative products, including our latest IBM Power® offering, IBM Power Systems Virtual Server.

In this third installment of our blog series about IBM Power Systems Virtual Server, we’re looking at real-world examples of how growth is possible through scalable and transformative software hosting and management solutions.

IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers at a glance

Our team is thrilled about the impact our new hybrid cloud solution is already making for our Business Partners. We’ve combined the reliability and sheer processing power of on-premises Power servers with the scalability and flexibility that comes with a hybrid cloud environment. The result enables end-users to appreciate true hybrid cloud solutions that are strategically designed to be a seamless extension of their on-premises Power servers and IBM Power Systems Virtual Server data centers. IBM Power Systems Virtual Server is designed to deliver low-latency capacities thanks to 14 data centers in 7 countries with more on the way. They can run IBM AIX®, IBM i and Linux® workloads, including SAP SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 and 15 Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) boot images and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 8.1 and 8.2.

ISVs and IBM Power Systems Virtual Server

Let’s look at some examples of how ISVs are currently using IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers to promote innovation, transformation and peace of mind.

Created as a global solution

While Iptor has over 1,000 clients across the globe, its data centers were only in Denmark. Its goal was not only to globalize its operations, but also to automate and streamline its process. The worldwide data centers of IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers helped Iptor maximize uptime, while its image capture feature helped them better meet the needs of clients quickly and in a more efficient way. Finally, our DevOps pipeline helped make installation and upgrades universally accessible so customers on its supply chain could stay up to date.

A security-rich environment for sensitive data

Silverlake, a provider of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital banking cloud platform, joined our ecosystem to support IBM Cloud® for Financial Services™. Our collaboration allowed Silverlake to create scalable and security-rich virtual digital banking solutions in the highly regulated financial industry. Silverlake uses IBM Power Systems Virtual Server as an efficient and effective way to virtualize its solutions while meeting compliances and lowering risk.

 Sandbox capabilities

Many of our ISVs that are already part of the IBM Power Systems ecosystem have found success by conducting proof of concepts (PoCs) in IBM Power Systems Virtual Server data centers. These vendors have containerized their applications, while also running demo versions of their application in a client-accessible sandbox. With this structure in place, prospects can try out applications in an isolated environment. This offering is designed to help improve security and uptime while helping environments meet spikes in traffic.

MSPs, Business Partners and IBM Power Systems Virtual Server

It’s always vital for MSPs, resellers and business partners to grow and discover new opportunities and revenue paths. IBM Power Systems Virtual Server is an excellent way to extend Power Systems offerings in a hybrid cloud environment for current and new customers while being supported and covered by the IBM brand. Moreover, we take infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) management responsibilities from our MSPs and take care of it ourselves, including maintenance, data center floor space, updates and the costs of running a data center. Handling the maintenance of infrastructure helps not only cut costs by taking away data center expenses, but it also helps increase revenue margins and maximize uptime and availability.

As an IBM partner, you now have the opportunity to build partner-driven solutions on top of IBM Power Systems Virtual Server. We work alongside MSPs looking to grow in the enterprise space and shift their focus on services, such as disaster recovery (DR), migration, end-to-end management or reselling the offering. IBM Power Systems Virtual Server helps the clients of our Business Partners reach new geographies — regardless of their location — to further achieve globalization. Clients also have quicker access to new Power Systems features and functions.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making a better experience for the end-user. Plus, being the only on-premises and off-premises certified Power solution for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver platform workloads, IBM can help enterprises meet the deadline to migrate to SAP S/4 HANA by 2027.

  • Success through collaboration

A leader in hosting and managed services, Connectria has years of demonstrated and recognized experience serving IBM i customers. Connectria is now offering IBM Power Systems Virtual Server solutions to both its install base and new prospects after seeing strong demand for such a virtualized Power solution.

The Connectria team was excited to work with us, embracing opportunities to access a new market of high-end P30-tier licensing clients, as well as several other IBM i software tiers. We provided a variety of managed services and licensing specifically tailored to Connectria’s goals, growth objectives and current offerings. Now, Connectria is proud to offer our hybrid cloud infrastructure portfolio solutions bundled together alongside its management solutions. Connectria is also extending and shifting current clients’ infrastructure, including older on-premises Power Systems, to IBM Power Systems Virtual Server. As a result, Connectria clients can stay modernized by staying virtual.

Driven by the benefits of this latest offering combined with competitive pricing, Connectria’s sales team is proposing Power System Virtual Server solutions worldwide. Clients can now experience a new level of performance, experience and peace of mind.

A look at our roadmap

We are always pushing to add new capacities and capabilities to IBM Power Systems Virtual Server. In addition to upgrading our storage to IBM FlashSystem® 9200, here’s a high-level look at what end-users are finding beneficial. We’ve recently implemented virtual private network as a service (VPNaaS) solutions into this offering, as well as new network automation features. Coming soon is a whole new way to manage your IBM Power Systems Virtual Server, with IBM Cloud credit management. This credit system creates a simplified and efficient way for you to get the most out of your virtualized solution.

Getting started

Let’s work together to see how IBM Power Systems Virtual Server can drive success for you and your clients. Speak to an expert today to see how it fits into your strategy. If you’re in the US or Canada, you can call us at 1-866-872-3902 to learn more about the new IBM Power Systems Virtual Server offering.


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