Take advantage of global technology lifecycle support and services for IBM Systems products, Red Hat and select leading third-party systems and software.

Right now, organizations are rapidly embracing digital transformation and change. In fact, 74% of CIOs said increasing IT delivery speed was a top priority in the next 12 months, per Forrester’s Buyers’ Journey Survey, 2022.

However, this transformation can often come at a high cost, as the multiplication of vendors can create a bottleneck for IT staff, with disparate vendors, tools and processes needed to get support for expanding data centers. According to the IBM CIO Study (2021), 71% of CIOs said availability or capacity issues affected business continuity.

How can businesses and CIOs solve these problems? IBM Technology Support Services (TSS) can help.

Our team offers global technology lifecycle support and services for IBM Systems products, Red Hat and select leading third-party systems and software, delivered by experts. As a world-class provider, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional client experience as measured by our Net Promoter Scores.

You probably know TSS from our support services, but today, TSS offers a lot more than break/fix solutions. Here are five key things to know about us.

1. We provide technology lifecycle services

Businesses need support and services while planning and implementing new technologies or systems, but they also need it throughout the entire lifecycle to maximize their IT investment. TSS offers support and services on IBM Systems and Red Hat to help clients plan and deploy their infrastructure, support the infrastructure, optimize systems for performance, security and IT automation and then refresh these systems or infrastructures when needed.

2. We supply strategic advisory services

While you are planning your new solution, you can leverage advisory services for IBM Systems, Red Hat and SAP HANA to determine the best features and functions to support your business needs. This also extends to your hybrid infrastructure, including Kubernetes, OpenShift and Ansible-based solutions. You can utilize IBM’s expertise and advisory services to design and deploy your strategy for IT automation, cyber resiliency, modern data protection and other key infrastructure decisions, leveraging the full range of functionality available in your infrastructure.

3. We go beyond the traditional break/fix model

In this complex environment, the old break/fix mentality is no longer enough. Proactive support is designed to help clients balance high availability and improved affordability while maintaining converged, virtualized and cloud-based IT environments. Clients are assigned a Technical Account Manager who understands each unique IT environment, leverages proprietary diagnostic tools and can help speed the identification and resolution of issues across hardware and software technology from IBM and other vendors.

IBM is simplifying the support process with Expert Care, which provides the opportunity at the time of purchase to choose options beyond the base warranty, like proactive support. Of course, clients who were not eligible for Expert Care at the time of purchase can also upgrade to more proactive support services.

4. We offer multi-vendor support

A single provider for all IT support needs eliminates finger-pointing and expedites problem resolution. Multi-vendor support includes a single point of contact for diverse original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products to accommodate a client’s server, storage, network and security maintenance support needs and deliver timely problem resolution through a single point of accountability. In addition to a single point of contact, multi-vendor support contracts also include Support Insights, which provides visibility across the overall IT landscape to proactively address risks and exposures that could impact the availability of an organization’s hybrid IT infrastructure.

5. We are a global leader

The IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Support Services 2022 Vendor Assessment, recently released by the International Data Corporation (IDC), is an in-depth analysis and ranking worldwide support services providers. IBM is proud to be a leader in this report. TSS offers customizable support and technical services for IBM Systems products as well as leading vendor systems and software, delivered by experts offering more than 1,500 external technical and business certifications. The report provides a deeper dive into the strengths of IBM TSS and how it can benefit clients.

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