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If your business is looking for infrastructure services, you’ve come to the right place to learn. IBM Systems Lab Services is helping organizations around the world deploy the building blocks of next-generation IT infrastructure — from servers and mainframes to storage systems and software. Through short consulting engagements, we help IBM clients and partners implement, optimize and gain skills on cloud and cognitive infrastructure solutions, among many other services. Our consultants bring a wealth of IT experience and strategic insight to help businesses get the most of their infrastructure investments. And we can provide that support virtually or at your location.

If you’ve never worked with Lab Services, here are five key things to know about us:

1. Lab Services consultants offer deep technical expertise.

Lab Services is a global team of technical consultants with experience on IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage, IBM Z and LinuxONE, as well as AI, cloud and security. Our teams leverage deep technical know-how, along with proven tools and methodologies, in consulting engagements and workshops. Whether your organization is looking to deploy high-performance servers for multicloud, AI, blockchain and analytics initiatives; to secure your data with physical and software-defined storage solutions; or to maximize your infrastructure investments with software to help you accelerate workloads and simplify administration, Lab Services can help.

2. Lab Services co-creates solutions alongside clients and partners.

Lab Services approaches work with clients through a co-creation lens. Co-creation is a cooperative strategy for developing new business models, products and services. We collaborate with you, IBM Business Partners, product development teams, Client Experience Centers and other IBM service units to design and deliver the innovative solution your business needs to win and grow in the marketplace. Together, following an agile approach, we assess your current environment and needs, define a roadmap, and design and implement the most valuable solution for and with you, so at the end your team is fully enabled to manage the environment and the solution.

3. Lab Services helps clients gain new skills that empower them for the future.

Whether you’re migrating to new hardware, adopting storage solutions for AI or designing a multicloud infrastructure for enterprise transactions, Lab Services not only tackles the current challenge but also transfers skills to your team. Skills transfer is a key component of our engagement model that helps ensure clients have the needed proficiency to manage their solutions going forward.

4. Lab Services delivers technical training.

IBM Systems TechU (TechU) events take place around the world throughout the year to provide education to clients, partners and IBM employees. From April to July 2, 2020, physical events have been replaced by a series of no-charge weekly webcasts called TechU Talks. TechU offers focused, in-depth training sessions delivered by IBM Distinguished Engineers, developers or product experts to help clients and partners learn, grow and connect with developers, industry leaders and IBM executives.

5. Lab Services helps clients adopt cutting-edge hybrid cloud and AI solutions.

Lab Services has helped numerous clients design hybrid multicloud infrastructures and implement enterprise AI applications. We understand the challenges clients face around hybrid cloud and can serve as trusted advisors at any stage of the cloud journey — from design to management to optimization. That includes support for the use of IBM Cloud Paks, which can help businesses more easily and securely move applications to the cloud. We also know enterprise AI inside and out, and we can help you deploy infrastructure solutions to support your AI and big data workloads now and in the future.

The following are just a few of our recent engagements:

  • A Lab Services team helped Tunku Abdul Rahman University College in Malaysia build a Big Data Analytics Lab with IBM Power Systems to help students develop in-demand AI and analytics skills for the workforce.
  • Lab Services implemented and configured new IBM Power servers for SAP S/4HANA for petrochemical company India Glycols, helping speed up financial reports and give the company more integrated, automated, efficient business management.
  • When the Brazilian bank Banrisul needed to improve storage performance, Lab Services supported a comprehensive storage overhaul with all-flash IBM storage and IBM Spectrum software. The result was a 60 percent reduction in batch processing times in Banrisul’s IBM Z environment.

IBM Systems Lab Services has rich knowledge and experience to support businesses’ infrastructure needs and priorities. Have a question, or want to learn more? Please contact us today.

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