December 6, 2021 By Gary Schneider 3 min read

We see the convergence of 5G and edge computing driving innovation and transforming operations at an unprecedented scale. 

See examples below of how IBM and its ecosystem partners are helping enterprises and telecommunications companies employ autonomous management, implement edge-enabled industry solutions and modernize telecom networks.

IBM helps Telefónica deploy a cloud-native 5G core network platform 

Telefónica has collaborated with IBM to implement UNICA Next — its first-ever, cloud-native 5G core network platform. UNICA Next is built on IBM Cloud Pak® for Network Automation, Red Hat® OpenShift®, and Juniper Networks Apstra and QFX technology. 

The IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation is a critical element of Telefónica’s network platform. Its integration with UNICA Next facilitates intent-driven orchestration, supporting the end-to-end lifecycle management of different network cloud elements and network functions. 

As a leading Communication Service Provider (CSP), Telefónica plans to have an open, secured, intelligent and highly automated network that can drive transformation for consumers and enterprise customers. 

With the help of IBM, Telefónica will combine the latency and bandwidth advancements of 5G with the customization and intelligence of the cloud. This will help Telefónica bring about a massive transformation in the telecommunications industry in Europe and other places. 

According to the plan, UNICA Next will be deployed across central, regional and distributed data centers. The platform will provide low latency, high bandwidth and advanced network slicing, enabling Telefónica to fuel business transformation across industries.

Turnium brings TAG’s network of MTSPs to IBM Cloud® for Telecommunications  

Turnium Technology Group has announced its commitment to bring Technology Assurance Group’s (TAG) network of managed technology service providers (MTSPs) to the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications.

Founded in 1998, TAG is noted for its leading MTSPs in the United States and Canada. Turnium and IBM Cloud for Telecommunications help TAG expand the reach of its managed technology solutions and partner network across the United States. TAG’s MTSP partners are able to deliver reliable and scalable software-defined wide area networks that help accelerate customer digital transformation and hybrid cloud adoption.  

IBM’s collaboration with Turnium and TAG helps telecom operators access advanced technology to scale and innovate. Telecom operators can use IBM Cloud for Telecommunications ecosystem to deliver next-generation 5G and edge services, deploy and manage new cloud capabilities and enrich relationships through AI-driven engagement. 

IBM, Intel and Wipro combine their efforts to build a strong ecosystem  

IBM, Intel and Wipro have joined forces to help clients take advantage of the opportunities provided by 5G and edge computing. Technology Magazine covered some of the important aspects of this collaboration in its November 2021 issue. Check out the story to see how IBM, Intel and Wipro have been helping telcos and enterprise clients scale and innovate through partnerships that combine the latest technology and in-depth industry experience — creating value for clients.

IBM 5G and edge computing solutions for the telecommunications industry

Today, CSPs are keen to capture more value by delivering new 5G and edge services. IBM offers a wide range of advanced solutions to help telco providers utilize 5G and edge capabilities in an effective manner. Let’s look at two IBM solutions that help telcos tackle industry challenges and transform different networks.

IBM Edge Application Manager 

IBM Edge Application Manager is an intelligent and flexible platform that helps enterprises scale, run and autonomously manage edge solutions anywhere. Its integration with the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications and support for IBM Cloud Satellite™ extend access to hundreds of data centers in several metro areas and enterprise locations. 

This can help reduce network-related infrastructure costs, increase automation and speed the deployment of next-gen services. IBM Edge Application Manager is designed to help CSPs can transform their networks and deliver new services to customers across hybrid cloud environments. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation is an AI-powered telco cloud platform that helps automate network operations, enabling CSPs to evolve to zero-touch operations, reduce operational costs and deliver services faster. 

With the help of IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, CSPs can design, deploy and scale new services in minutes. They can discover hidden irregularities in networking data and can remediate incidents to avoid impact on customers. IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation can provide key insights to help optimize business processes and network operations with minimal human intervention.   

IBM’s partner network 

IBM has created a robust partner ecosystem to help enterprises and telecommunications companies speed their transition to 5G and edge computing. The ecosystem includes a large group of ISVs, GSIs and partners across the telecommunications industry, such as Equinix, Dell Technologies, Intel, F5 Networks, ADVA, and Portworx. 

The combination of IBM technology and partner solutions opens a gamut of opportunities and possibilities for enterprises and CSPs. Visit IBM Cloud Pak Partner Solution Showcase to check out some of the leading telecommunications solutions for network and digital transformation. Learn how IBM and its ecosystem partners offer a breadth of network functionality to help CSPs tap into the potential of 5G and edge computing. 

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