March 29, 2024 By Sarah Damenti 2 min read

Finding the right recipe for career growth can challenge global clients. At Conagra, a leading food manufacturer, prioritizing employee growth and career mobility became paramount, especially amidst the recent pandemic.  

The company recognized the need for a strong skills foundation, empowering its workforce to develop talents and explore new career opportunities within the organization. With support from IBM, Conagra successfully implemented a competency-based approach, laying the foundation for employees to steer their career trajectories, discover meaningful work and seize growth opportunities.  

Today, IBM Watson® Talent Frameworks classify 700 Conagra jobs, with new job profiles covering over 4,500 employees. These efforts help to ensure that all Conagra’s employees can pursue impactful career advancement.  

Conagra’s enhanced workplace skills initiative 

Conagra felt ill-equipped to navigate the new workplace reality in a post-pandemic world. They aimed to provide a transparent skills framework for employees in various departments to assess their abilities, receive personalized development plans and explore potential career paths. Employee expectations and values are constantly changing, and they have shifted significantly. Conagra needed a flexible and scalable solution for all their job roles, both present and future. 

Illuminating new possibilities with IBM Watson Talent Frameworks

Conagra partnered with IBM to co-create a foundational skills taxonomy across 700 job roles by using IBM Watson Talent Frameworks, which features a robust library of skills and competencies. Conagra’s human resources (HR) business partners played an essential role in validation sessions, helping to ensure the alignment of the new competency profiles with the company’s strategy and employees’ needs.  

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks, combined with the Lexonis Essentials tool, become the backbone of the client’s new model. The project’s success largely resulted from the strong collaboration between Conagra and the IBM team, with both parties actively engaged in every stage of the process. 

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks empowers people analytics and cognitive HR with a data-rich foundation by helping organizations identify talent gaps, interview for, and coach the skills required for critical roles across functions like HR, audit and compliance, sales, finance, marketing, and many others. Our solution supports you in attracting and quickly onboarding the right talent for the right roles. 

To find out more, contact an IBM representative today and discover how our solutions can drive your organization’s success. 

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