September 6, 2022 By Soren Krautwald 2 min read

Back in 2004, a couple of IBMers decided to try life on the other side of the IBM Partner Ecosystem. We founded Decision Focus initially as a reseller of the IBM Rational suite. IBM’s enthusiasm and willingness to help what was then a very small start-up succeed have been invaluable to our success.

In 2018, when IBM divested much of the Rational portfolio, we decided to pivot our business model develop our own software services. IBM was more than simply a safe pair of hands when it came to building the Decision Focus platform, it has been a partner at every stage in our journey, with support from technology, marketing and business development to programs like Champions for Growth.

IBM’s marketing team in particular played a critical role in bringing our solution to market. The Decision Focus website, our inbound marketing, online events and content portfolio were all kickstarted by IBM Co-Marketing and it continues to support us as we make the transition from online to face-to-face events.

Decision Focus’ portfolio of audit, governance, risk & compliance offerings are “code-free” modular solutions which come ready-made to handle the basic ERM requirements of most enterprises. The bespoke functionality which an individual client needs can be rapidly built and rolled out thanks to the no-code nature of our platform. There’s no complex training, no lengthy onboarding process. It’s fast, simple and intuitive.

“We migrated our Risk Management framework straight into the Decision Focus Risk Management system within one quarter. Decision Focus staff were professional, super-fast and a trusted supplier, who are dependable. We have been able to enhance aspects of our Risk Management Framework and continue to embed the system across the group.”

Catherine Palmer, Risk MI Officer, Hastings

IBM Cloud for Financial Services has the specific features for security, compliance and resiliency that financial institutions require built-in, so being on IBM Cloud, for Decision Focus, has opened the door to working with some of the largest financial services companies in the world. Just recently, InsuranceERM awarded us ERM end-to-end solution of the year for 2022.

“Decision Focus is revolutionising how we go about risk management linking risks, controls and incidents in a way that is simple to navigate, visualise, analyse and report.”

Eugene Owusu, Head of Risk and Compliance Transformation and Chief Product Owner, Liberty Specialty Markets

Decision Focus aims to be the first choice for Financial Services when it comes to audit, risk and compliance. We are committed to bringing risk management for the risk averse. I would even go as far as to say we’re making risk and compliance exciting.

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