Explore Change3’s journey to find the right fit with IBM Cloud.

In building a growth initiative to double the company’s revenue every year for the next 10 years, Kneko Burney — CEO & Chief Creative of Change3 — set out on an ambitious plan for her business.

With aspirations to scale her business globally and exponentially increase the number of users accessing their marketing applications, Kneko chalked out an aggressive plan for her company. To expand the proprietary marketing technologies of her core business, however, she needed a more secure and reliable cloud computing solution.

Who is Change3?

Change3 is a full-service marketing and lead generation technology company headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, providing exceptional results to its technology clients with the help of seasoned marketing professionals in 12 countries. They offer creative, design, development and outbound services with a focus on technology underpinned by a mission to help grow their customers’ businesses through the delivery of exceptional services.

Their core business has been building and hosting custom marketing applications and websites serving small and large organizations around the world. The range of digital and marketing solutions Change3 offers its clients are custom data services, website services, application development services, lead generation, content creation and management, market research and surveys.

As a technology company with a diverse global set of clients and offerings, they view the cloud platform as a critical piece in their overall technology stack and a core way of delivering and scaling services to their clients.

Change3 needed a powerful, scalable and secure cloud solution

Change3 manages a variety of business-critical and customized marketing applications for their clients and has used various cloud service providers over the years, but felt none of them truly fit their needs nor provided the collaborative support they needed. Despite the high prices of some cloud services providers (CSPs), they lacked the advisory support and had persistent challenges around downtime and latency, which impacted Change3’s business applications.

As a result, Change3 sought a better alternative. They needed a powerful cloud solution that could scale seamlessly and provide the needed security and support — all while keeping costs low.

IBM Business Partners help clients succeed

Change3 started exploring public cloud options with Converge Technology Solutions, a trusted IBM Business Partner with whom they had already conducted lead-generation activities for IBM Planning Analytics. Change3 and Converge explored several public clouds but found that they did not offer the desired flexibility.

Converge walked Change3 through the IBM Public Cloud Bare Metal offering despite Change3’s concern that this offering would be out of their price range. The bare metal server option offered Change3 the opportunity to have dedicated hardware with no “noisy neighbors,” and Converge worked with IBM to arrange a 60-day proof of concept that helped Change3 realize all the benefits of the IBM Cloud solution.

Converge Technology Solutions Corp. is a software-enabled IT and Cloud Solutions provider focused on delivering industry-leading solutions and services. Converge’s regional sales and services organizations deliver advanced analytics, cloud, and cybersecurity offerings to clients across various industries.

To learn more about this IBM Business Partner, visit Converge Technology Solutions, Corp.

IBM Cloud demonstrates great processing power and development efficiency

Change3 is delighted to have partnered with IBM because the benefits they have realized have exceeded expectations. Change3 has had a pleasant experience with the IBM support team and billing infrastructure and has confidently moved all their workloads to the IBM Cloud.

Change3 also launched two mission-critical applications in IBM Cloud that support their global growth initiative:

  • BeTechly: The lead-generation platform on which Change3 has already conducted more than 30,000 surveys for lead generation (and Change3 has another major lead-gen launch in their queue).
  • BeContently: An account-based marketing (ABM) platform.

“Not only has our team seen great processing power and development efficiency using the IBM Bare Metal option, but the cost has been surprisingly low.” — Kneko Burney – CEO & Chief Creative, Change3

Change3 agrees they no longer need to worry about security, downtime or unexpected system maintenance with IBM Cloud. Change3 believes that they have the right expertise to build a world-changing suite of marketing technology for tech companies as they are relying on IBM Cloud for scale, security and performance.

How are IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers different

IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers are fully dedicated servers providing maximum performance and secure, single tenancy. No hypervisor means direct root access to 100% of your server resources. Customize it all with over 11 million configurations to choose from. Easily move workloads across generations of servers with customized images. IBM also lowered its bare metal server prices, on average, by 17% across the board — and included 20 TB of bandwidth, absolutely free of cost.

The following are some of the benefits that can be derived from using IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers:

  • 100% dedicated to you: Get direct access to compute resources and hardware-level performance for the control you want and security you need.
  • Always the latest technology: Meet your performance and budget requirements with the latest generation NVIDIA GPUs and the latest x86 microarchitecture from Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC™.
  • Modern networking, global data centers: Get up and running quickly across 60 IBM Cloud data centers and points of presence in 9 regions and 18 availability zones. Deploy to one region or across multiple regions.
  • Pay-as-you-go: Choose the billing cycle that works for you, with on-demand hourly, monthly, and reserved options.

Check out the various services offered by Change3.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers.


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