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Ubotica partners with IBM for one-click deployment of space AI applications

4 min read - Space AI leader Ubotica Technologies is partnering with IBM to leverage IBM cloud infrastructure and components, intending to simplify the process for a developer to get their application running onboard a satellite. With a single click, mutual customers will be able to securely deploy their AI models directly to satellites that use the Ubotica CogniSATTM platform. These space-borne AI models are then used to generate insights from data in space. The new approach offers considerable CapEx and OpEx savings…

2018 Call for Code Winner Project OWL advances its natural disaster communication network

3 min read - For disaster-prone areas, fragile connectivity remains a major problem, often going offline in critical moments. Aerospace enterprises face a similar challenge when trying to run consistent high-altitude connectivity while operating in remote locations, which can also be very expensive. This is where Project OWL comes into play: developing new technologies to help address these challenges. Formed in 2018 to compete in the inaugural Call for Code Global Challenge — which it won — Project OWL is a global team of entrepreneurs…

IBM Reimagines Its Relationship with Partners: A Q&A with IBM Ecosystem General Manager Kate Woolley (Part 2)

5 min read - Kate Woolley was a veteran Bain & Company partner when IBM chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna recruited her to become his chief of staff in 2020. During that time, she played an instrumental supporting role for the CEO, helping amplify his strategic priorities throughout the company. In January, Krishna asked Woolley to lead one of the company’s top growth areas – the IBM Ecosystem – and named her IBM Ecosystem General Manager. In part two of this Q&A series, Woolley…

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