Jason McGee

IBM Fellow, CTO IBM Cloud, GM, Platform and Common Services
Jason McGee is an IBM Fellow and Cloud CTO focused on building strong and enduring technology that benefits clients, partners and IBM. As IBM Fellow, Jason belongs to a handful of its top technologists, that IBM honors each year as its best and brightest who have helped establish and maintain its reputation as the world’s responsible – and dependable – steward of technology. As General Manager of IBM’s Public Cloud Platform, Jason is responsible for the technology development, business strategy, architecture, and successful delivery with Clients of IBM’s multi-billion-dollar Cloud franchise. IBM Cloud Platform as a Service is key to clients’ open hybrid cloud and enterprise AI strategies and empowers clients to leverage infrastructure and core workloads in new and modern ways with intelligent innovative products and solutions. These include: IBM’s PaaS Services: OpenShift, Kubernetes, Code Engine, Observability, Schematics, Data Services, and Developer Tools Satellite Core cloud platform services: billing, IAM, account and resource management, user experience. With an IBM career that spans 25 years, Jason has held a variety of global, leadership roles and is a known and sought-after technical leader, and international keynote speaker, with the ability to explain, understand, and address complex Client needs with ease. A native of New Jersey, Jason holds a degree from Virginia Tech. He currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the USA.
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